Antonella Barba Photos: Just a Hoax?

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Obviously, most of the Antonella Barba pictures floating around the Internet are real. The American Idol contestant is posing for a majority of them.

However, there are especially lewd photos of Barba that our website has not printed out of concern for public decency. You may view them at by clicking here if you'd like.

New evidence now suggests that these pictures are phony, though. We have no idea who's behind the American Idol: CSI team mentioned below, but it appears to have conducted some research into this affair. Judge for yourself.

American Idol: CSI

Once this blows over, we hope fans can return to the heart of the show and focus on the vocal talents of hopefuls such as Barba, Lakisha Jones and Phil Stacey.

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I'm glad someone has enough decency to try to get to the bottom of something instead of automatically convicting someone.
Some of the risque pics were real, but the obvious fakes were the bj ones. This csi dude gives the ear proof, but there is the breast one as well, and even though enhancement physically was possible, i think it's someone's jealous attempt at slander. Right? AMANDA?