American Idol Results Show: Kellie Picker Shines, Antonella Barba Remains

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Wow. Our first surprising results are upon us.

While the exit of Alaina Alexander didn't come as a shock to many, who pegged AJ Tabaldo as a candidate to be given the boot? We were impressed by his enthusiasm Tuesday night. Guess America was not.

Pickler on Idol
Before mentioning the others to be voted out, we'd like to give props to Kellie Picker for a fine rendition of her song, "I Wonder." It's current number-42 on the radio charts. Maybe this performance will give it a boost.

Meanwhile, we know he looks nice and everything - but Sanjaya Malakar simply has NO business being around. His audition this week was humiliating. Do people really wish to see this seemingly gentle soul be torn to bits again next week by the judges?

Nick Pedro was certainly more impressive and we're sad to see him go. Alas, we're actually glad Antonella Barba remains in the competition. Sorry, Leslie Hunt, we do like you - but Antonella has been through so much already. Let's give her at least one more chance.

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I can't believe this girl won't do the right thing and voluntarily resign from the show. None wants a hoochie mama for american idol.


Antonella sucks when she sings and probably sucks when she sucks.


Antonella and her friend really screwed Baylie Brown, and I'll never vote for someone I don't want as an idol for my granddaughter! I don't even care what she does about those photos. She's just NOT a nice person! Antonella and Amanda wouldn't help Baylie with the lyrics. Their song was chosen because that's the only song Antonella knew the lyrics to.
Then Amanda didn't want to rehearse.


yah "Girls gone wild".. pretty girls are everywhere baring it all. it would have been refreshing to see a pretty girl with more to offer. Katherine Mcphee anyone????


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antonella you are a sad case of the 20 yr. old attitude. keep your cloths on and take you "holier than thou" attitude and head back to college. that is what you are no different than the 100's of college girls looking for attention and a bit on GIRLS GONE WILD>>> pretty girls are a dime a dozen esp... with your attitude get real!!!!oh yah"Barely Legal" photo shoot, that is a good place for you.! Singing competition what are you thinking. you ruined it for Bailey Brown with you and your high maintenence friend, she should be there not you. terrible . can we please get back to singing and talent!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are you kidding me! What has Antonella been through? The truth hurts, doesn't it? She's a whore and someone out there wants people know that she's not a good person. It's pretty sad that people are voting for her because of her half naked pictures. Like Paula said this is a singing competition! It's not Girls Gone Wild!!