American Idol Results Show Recap

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Let's get right to it ...

- Ryan tries to create suspense with the first three contestants, but did anyone think Lakisha Jones, Blake Lewis or Chris Sligh were going home? Neither did we.

- Fortunately, Jordin Sparks makes it. We were a little afraid she's be tossed into a waiting pool.

- Wow. Quickly, Phil Stacey remains - but Jared Cotter is eliminated. Slight surprise there. We'd have gone with Phil.

- Another easy choice, Melinda Doolittle steps up next. But would they actually toss out Brandon Rogers by her side? Apparently not. Good, he still has potential (not as good for Sundance or Sanjaya, though).

No More Antoella
- Two more easy choices as Chris Richardson and Gina Glocksen are voted to the final 12. Guess Gina wasn't really a lock. But she was to us. Fun gal.

- Carrie Underwood sings "Wasted." We're not even country fans, but it's hard not to love this artist when she performs.

- Gosh, Antonella Barba is crying before Ryan even talks. And turns out she had a reason to. The media darling - sort of - is out. Oh, but Stephanie Edwards is moving on.

- Whoa, America, what did you do?!? Sabrina Sloan is voted out over Haley Scarnato. Call this the first upset of American Idol Six. Simon didn't even know Haley's name!

- The American Idol surprise is announced. Idol gives back. Click here to read more about it. Impressive stuff.

- Can't say we admire Sanjaya Malakar or Sundance Head right now. Whichever gets voted off just got a glimpe of what true poverty and bad news looks like. Gotta be hard to react to any Idol news now. Maybe that'll help put things in perspective, though. Meanwhile, Sundance is gone.


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OK SANJAYA SHOULD have been kicked off LONG time ago... im mean what the heck this season is out radjiuous AMERICA dont no how to vote.. wel maybe they are voting for the worst... oh well my bet is that this seasons winner really wont make it far inless its some one who desevers it... any ways i hope we get the shitty singers out of there next week... COME ON PEOPLE learn how to vote


First of all what a disappointing night of American Idol.Since the start of this season I beleive there have been around 32 million viewers and voters and all of a sudden theres approx:37 million viewers and voters.I don't know about everyone else but this just seems strange to me.I think the phones system should be investigated and that the total results of the votes for each contestant should be made public.Just seems fishy especially if you are voting for the best performer,Sanjaya over Sundance you've got to be kidding me. Hopefully the Presidential election will go better


Apparently, you think that shouting at the top of your voice is actually singing, that it is hard for you to believe that Sanjaya is a good singer and that he deserves to stay. How naive!


Sanjaya is pretty to look at with pretty hair. {Think Prince, late 70's early early 80's} Aparently what the viewers are wanting is someone they can say to,"Just stand still and look pretty, don't sing, don't open your mouth, just let me look at you." Maybe he will shock us..MAYBE...


I never knew existed. That explains a lot. However, here's my thoughts on the matter. Sabrina wasn't competing against 7 other girls, she was competing against 3. Why? Because 4 of the 8 girls, Melinda, Stephanie, Lakisha and Sabrina, sang R&B. Of those 4 girls, Sabrina had the weakest performance and weakest voice. Gina made a serious come through in the clutch singing a song she felt most comfortable with, even though it was pitchy. Antonella was lucky to be there this week anyway. Jordan made a very smart decision to sing a "rock" song, thereby distinguishing herself from the other contestants of color. And Haley... Haley sang a song in her comfort zone too, which is a song that appeals to a major audience in middle America, and adds variety to a group of girls whose cup is half full with R&Bers. Now Jordan has more of a chance than ever because she's mixed up in the group with the guys, who for the most part stink. Sabrina got eliminated because she couldn't distinguish herself among her contemporaries. And as much as she can sing, she lacked emotion, looked way too good to win a sympathy vote, and quite frankly, was inconsistent since she broke the top 24. Any thoughts?


>Whoa, America, what did you do?!? Sabrina > Sloan is voted out over Haley Scarnato. Stange results? Your answer is VOTEFORTHEWORST.COM