American Idol Says Goodbye to Melinda Doolittle

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Some believed she was the best singer in the history of American Idol.

But even that wasn't enough to save Melinda Doolittle last night. The humble, amazing vocalist received the least number of votes and was surprisingly sent home by Ryan Seacrest at the end of the hour.

But was it really so surprising? The core audience of the FOX show is more likely to vote for a cute, fun-loving male such as Blake Lewis; or a younger, more charismatic singer such as Jordin Sparks (who deserves to win it all next week).

Bye, Bye Melinda

In the end, it wasn't Melinda's fault. This show has always been about more than mere vocal range and talent.

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Melinda Doolittle the talented vocalist with a heart of gold. The album’s first single, “It’s Your Love,� was released to radio stations nationwide in September. If you want more update about her Album


I have been watching Idol long enough to know it is rigged by the producers. If they think the the person is not marketable then they will help someone else to win it. It is not about who is the best singer anymore. It is obvious that Melinda is the best singer Idol has ever had. I personally will not watch it anymore. It has become too commercial and not about the singing anymore. My prediction is that Melinda will out sell the others. Jordin was picked by the producers to win. We all know that Melinda has out sung her the whole way.


yes i did think she was the best in all of ai history
but i also agree thats its not just vocals anymore, sometimes i even think its rigged


OH and Must the writer of this short be so fucking biased


WE still love you Melinda!!!!