No Lavish Wedding Plans For Ellen Pompeo

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The upcoming wedding of Ellen Pompeo won't be a lavish production, but her co-stars might need to make some travel plans if they want to attend.

"There will be no 'big' anything," the Grey's Anatomy actress, 37, said Saturday at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball, a benefit for the homeless in Brentwood, Calif.

The Newest Bride-to-Be
"It's going to be very small."

Aside from that, Ellen and record producer Chris Ivery, who got engaged in November, are keeping mum on the specifics.

But Pompeo hinted that the ceremony won't take place in Los Angeles.

"We were thinking about going away and getting married," she said.

The actress was reunited Saturday night with some of her co-stars for the first time since production on Grey's Anatomy wrapped a few weeks ago.

Also at the gala, which was hosted by Eric Dane's wife, Rebecca Gayheart, were Patrick Dempsey, T.R. Knight, Justin Chambers, Kate Walsh, James Pickens, Jr., and Sara Ramirez.

Ellen Pompeo said that when Ivery proposed to her on her 37th birthday, she was only slightly caught off guard.

"Chris and I have been together for four and a half years," Ellen said. "So I was completely surprised, but at the same time not that surprised. We've been together a while."

Ivery, a Boston-area native like Pompeo, has changed her life because "I just have somebody to share everything with," she said, "all of these moments. The bad ones and the good ones. We have a very strong bond, and we just understand each other. He's just a real companion."

She added that she knew Chris Ivery was "the one" early on:

"I guess you fall in love and you think he's the guy right away. Right when you fall in love, you think he's the guy. You don't sort of fall into a relationship thinking it's only going to be temporary."

The couple met in an L.A. grocery store in 2003 and began dating about six months later after "one night she just looked different to me," Ivery, 38, told People late last year.

They quickly discovered that they had grown up about 10 miles away from each other in Massachusetts and that Ivery knew Pompeo's father.

"We have a lot in common," Pompeo said. "We're from the same hometown... almost."

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I for one really miss Dr Burke. Bring him back


A person I work with ask me about this MerDer, Dempeo, or Pomsey stuff she hears us talking about she said it sounded weird. It's simple if you leave comments about your favorite actors on your favorite show which also happen to be an on screen couple short hand comes in handy. Im totally addicted and post alot.


I agree that its great that this cast all seems to have a strong bond between them. As we know there are some that are closer friends than others. Like (PD, EP) and (KH, TK) and thats good to have a good friendship with people you work with everyday and to do things outside of work means they are a close knit group. I really hope everyone comes back into season 4 with a fresh new start and things will go much smoothly this year for everybody.
As far as Patrick and Ellen (our favorite couple Mer/Der), I think it is great that these two have a special bond between them outside of GA. As we have all said many times before they really seem to have a special friendship and I think that is great! I think that makes their characters that much more believable on screen because they are so comfortable with each other. I am glad to hear both of them say that they hope the writers listen to the fans about this couple being happy together! Maybe and hopefully that is a good sign for season 4! And as much as Patrick and Ellen seem to be the perfect couple together and I think would be a great real life couple...we all know that are married/engaged and have a very strong relationship with their partners, and that is good! I have heard Ellen say that she is good friends with PD's wife. So, we'll take the great friendship that these two have and be happy with that! By the way, I was disappointed that we didn't get a pic of Patrick and Ellen together at the "Ball" either. Obviously, the photographers were not around these two when they were together, what a shame! Maybe we'll see them together at another function during their summer break!


Well, I think it's a good sign that TR's hair is back to a more 'normal' color....although the red and blue looks were 'interesting'....I think it's positive since filiming for S4 starts in July and the show would probably like him to have a George-like look when he if he wasn't coming back, it would probably be lime green by now, lol! I do like the way the cast & their families come out to support the others' various causes and work efforts. For the most part, they seem to really enjoy each other.... And I agree that it's good to see the IW support. I truly hope all this is over and done and EVERYONE lets it be that way. I don't find some of the dresses particularly attractive either...but to each his own, I guess. Can you believe Jill Dempsey just had twins and looks that good! Wow....I, for one, chose to believe the things said by the people involved (PD / JD / EP) about strong marriages and supportive friendships...


Hey Mer/der4ever&ever you are right ellen and kate's dresses are kind of weird, however, these particular dresses seems to be be vogue even here in the UK, i think the designers are trying to do something different. But no matter the ugly dress, creepy smile or eyes, as so suggested, i am still happy to see ellen, we rarely see or hear any pictures or news on her. Also, yeah, it was quite disappointing not to see any of dempoe's picture together. So yes Nicole, it doesnt mean anything between those two, but i guess fans cant help but dream sometimes!!!


I totally agree with Mer/der4ever&ever...i've always been constantly saying this on the boards: stop with the dempeo-ing. haha, okay, so i admit, they look cute together but that doesn't mean anything. they're two very different people in real- life and we don't know anything about that. so we can't make any judgement whether someone is stupid, ugly (mcfelon, chris) or acts like an ice queen (jill) or whether they're be a good couple! frustrates me. okay, done ranting. now for the fashion...hmmm....that was pretty interesting. i thought everyone looked nice especially kate and rebecca. i don't know why everyone hates kate's dress- i think its unique, the colour and style. but ellen's dress is just a disaster? she even looks bad in the picture on this post. her smile and eyes creep me out. :)


It's great to see them together and for a worthy cause. They seemed so relaxed and building each other up was what I was happy to hear. Now Im going to play fashion police. Eveyone looked great but I have to say from looking at the pictures Ellen's dress didn't look right on her. I was aslso disappointed there was'nt a picture of Ellen and Patrick together those seem to becoming rare lately which is a shame they look good together. I think Jill is pretty you really don't ever see that many pictures of her which some people don't like it because she hardly ever smiles. I think she looks better with that smurky look than a smile. It's like she is showing her true feelings like not another camera. Im also glad TR got rid of the blue hair he's to cute for that.


Here is more information and interviews from this event. I am happy to see cast members standing up for Isaiah. It is long past time. And it is nice to hear a cast member say that the writers should start listening to the fans about Meredith and Derek. 'Grey's Anatomy' stars gather for homeless charity By William Keck, USA TODAY
PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif. â€" The dreamy, steamy docs of Grey's Anatomy, on hiatus for the summer, reunited Saturday night at a private mansion for charity. After a season with as much drama off screen as on, there was much to discuss.
"This is the first we're all seeing each other again," said Justin Chambers (Alex), who came with wife Keisha. Excited to see co-star T.R. Knight (George), Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) embraced him and asked, "What happened to your blue hair?" "It was red," corrected Knight, who recently dyed his hair. "He's so fun, such a crazy personality," said Pompeo, escorted by fiancé Christopher Ivery. With Pompeo, Katherine Heigl (Izzie) and now Kate Walsh (Addison) all engaged, might they have a triple ceremony? "No!" said Pompeo. "There will not be a Big Three anything. My wedding will be very small." Eric Dane (Mark) and his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, were the evening's hosts for the sixth annual Butterfly Ball, raising funds for Chrysalis, an organization that helps L.A.'s homeless find jobs. Dane's best friend, Balthazar Getty (Brothers & Sisters), attended with his very pregnant wife, Rosetta, who announced that the couple is expecting twin girls in the fall. Sara Ramirez (Callie) found it "interesting" that Grey's writers chose to end the season by leaving unclear the fate of Knight and Isaiah Washington (Burke) â€" the actors at the center of a highly publicized feud after Washington called Knight a homophobic slur. "That's why we're talking about it," she said of the cliffhanger. "I think it's cute," agreed James Pickens Jr. (Richard). "It gives folks something to look forward to when the new season starts." Less amused was Knight, who has still has not been informed of his future with the show. "It's all kind of in flux right now," he said. But Chambers thinks "the show would be crazy for them not to return. We need them." Washington was unable to attend the ball because he is preparing for a trip to Africa to help establish a hospital, said Pickens. Pickens recently caught the public service announcement Washington shot for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and said, "I applaud him. It's a step in the right direction. I'm one of his biggest fans, and he's a dear friend of mine. He did what he felt was necessary to do." "People make mistakes, and Isaiah's doing the right thing in changing that," agreed castmate Patrick Dempsey (Derek). "It's a lot of hard work, an uphill struggle for him. And you have to support him. You have to give him a lot of love and support and forgiveness." Knight has not yet seen the PSA and was resistant to offer his opinion, saying only, "Gray matter is going to start seeping out of my brain, no pun intended." On screen, Dempsey and Pompeo are also hoping for harmony for their on-again, off-again characters. "I would love for Derek and Meredith to have a healthy relationship," said Dempsey. "It got a little too depressing last year, and I think the writers need to lighten up and get back to the first season. That's what people want to see, and we really need to listen to the fans." Pompeo agreed, noting, "My boyfriend and I are very happy and we still manage to be dramatic every day. There's never a shortage of things to talk about. I don't think you need sadness to have drama." But Chambers, who is hoping for an Alex/Izzie reunion come fall, wasn't so sure. "How would that work?" he asked. "It would be a boring show if everyone was happy."


Here is another link with pics from the "Ball". http://televisionista.blogspot...


Good for her! It seems like she is really happy... good to see an article on her!


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.