Round Table: "A Change is Gonna Come"

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Grey's Anatomy Insider is happy to announce the return of the Round Table!

While fans gather in our forum to discuss each character and story line, our staff members will come together each Friday to analyze key moments, developments and thoughts from each Grey's Anatomy episode.

Topics for "A Change is Gonna Come" range from Ms. Lexie Grey to Alex's new look, to some of the night's dramatic rescues and what we felt was missing ...

1. Should Derek be Mark's friend?

Derek Shepherd
McCritic: Yes. Mark knows how to reattach body parts. Maybe he could show Derek how to grow some ... you know.

iheartizzie: Hells no. Homeboy slept with Addison and tried to get Meredith in the sack. Don't buy the "it's just Mark" defense. Guy is bad news. Sexy, though.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Ideally, no, but with Burke and Addison gone and Meredith a little spacey at times, he's gotta hang with someone. I really miss Burke.

2. He said "I love you, too," but do George and Izzie stand a chance?

iheartizzie: Regardless of how you feel about O'Mizzie as a couple, their cover hasn't been blown yet. The surely negative backlash they face is going to put an entirely different spin on things, I believe.

AndYouveGotTheHair: I know I'm in the minority, but I don't despise these two as a couple. There is good chemistry there, great acting on behalf of both Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight. Sure, George is married and Callie hasn't done anything to deserve this, but you can't control who you fall for. George clearly wants to do the right thing... he just doesn't know what that is, it seems.

McCritic: Not if there's a God in heaven. Or a writer with a quarter of a brain.

3. Save of the Day: Derek / Cristina with the spinal cord patient, Izzie with the deer, or Lexie with George's psyche?

AndYouveGotTheHair: You have to hand it to the new Ms. Grey on this one. Without going over the line with someone she doesn't even know, she got George to stop whining in a way that really was kind of awesome.

McCritic: Lexie. It's nice to see one Grey sister can worry about more than just herself. (Note to Meredith lovers: BRING IT!)

iheartizzie: Gotta go with Isobel. While it was the least remarkable in terms of skill (how much research does it take to deliver a massive electric shock), that deer was the cutest of the creatures needing saving. George has nothing on a real-life Bambi. Also, how great was Izzie's reaction when it worked?

Oh, Deer!

4. Alex's facial hair: Yay or Nay?

McCritic: A stronger "Nay" than the answer a horse gives when asked if he wants to visit the glue factory.

iheartizzie: Eh?

AndYouveGotTheHair: Yay!

5. What was your least favorite part of the premiere?

AndYouveGotTheHair: The way Lexie chose to drop the latest bomb on Mer. In the middle of a medical crisis! As if anyone would be so self-absorbed as to do that. Then again, her surname is Grey ...

McCritic: The status of the Chief and his relationship with Adele. Didn't he realize last season he needed to dedicate himself to his marriage? Didn't these two make up during the best moment of the season finale? Wasn't there a drawn-out story line focused on his replacement?

iheartizzie: The episode's title. Instead of "A Change is Gonna Come," they missed a great opportunity to go with "Change is Gonna Come... Out of That Dude's Abdomen!" Come on, Shonda. There was, what, $2.35 in there?

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I am sorry, but I tend to agree with Anna. If you think siblings joke about having sex with each like Gizzie did in season 2, then you do have a messed up relationship with them. Do you actually go see your brother naked in the shower and joke he has a cute butt? Does your brother have hot shower fantasies of you? Do you give a big flirty smile to your brother when he tells you he would like to do you? The sibling argument is the stupidest thing ever ehard. It is like one of the haters sued that as an argument and since the other haters didn't know what to say, they all started saying the same thing without even thinking how ridiculous their argument sounded. George and Izzie have by far the best chemistry on the show and that elevator kiss with them was HOT HOT HOT!


um ok first of all whoever said that this weeks previews showed ava's husband punching alex was wrong because it wasnt the same guy and he was talking about losing his son and everyone knows ava had a baby girl... i cant wait for her to come back!! it was so cute in the premiere when he told cristina that he misses rebecca (i prefer ava but its her either way so yay) .... and then also that he drove to where ava lived but didnt get there... i read that she should be coming back around episode 4 and that her return would be a romantic one so my fingers have been crossed since the finale and hopefully yours have too that she is coming back.. ava and alex forever


There's no denying they have real love, but sorry, i still don't see that sizzle you guys are talking about. She just seems like his older sis, yuck. And i don't have a messed up relationship w my siblings, if i did then i wouldn't find their sibling like make out yucky would i?


The Gizzie people? LOL. Well, this Gizzie people sees a whole lot of chemistry between George and Izzie, a lot more than between callie and George and Alex and Izzie. Alex and Izzie had all those so-called hot scenes but they always fell flat, flat, flat. Izzie and George can smile at each other and have more chemistry than in any of those disgusting Alex and Izzie sex scenes. And they actually have real love.


There is nothing sibling-like about Gizzie at all. They don't make love like siblings and they sure did not kiss like siblings in that elevator. Maybe sme people have a messed up relationship with their siblings if they feel that way! They have the most amazing chemistry on the show. They can just look at each other and they are hot. And unlike Merder, they actually have more than sex. hey have great sex and a great emotional connection, what a shocker!


I just wanted to say I love Gizzie and I think they should be together, they're soulmates! George and Callie should break up because their relationship is not going to work if he doesnt love her.
And hey, I think there's chemistry in there, I mean when they kissed in the elevator that one time I just felt it.


What chemistry are all these Gizzie people talking about???? When they kiss it feels like I'm watching a brother and sister kiss! They do love each other but it's more of a brother and sister kinda love.And before they got drunk and went to bed there was never any sexual tension AT ALL, one tumble (which was so unbelievable no matter how drunk they were) and suddenly they're in love. Alex and Izzie had more chemistry as a couple. I think the writers just had nothing to write about one day and thought what could we do to shock people n someone said, lets just do a Gizzie! I don't know why they have to make this so soapy! Izzie would eat George alive, she needs to be paired up w a tougher but sensitve man, George would be suited more to someone like olivia. (and someone not taller and bigger than him!)


The Gizzie vomit thing the haters keep bringing up is so lame and old, can you guys come up with anything better than that? Show a bit more imagination people because you are coming off as puerile teenagers. And Gizzie have way more fans than Addek ever did (although I must say Addison always deserved better than that jerk Derek). Go Gizzie!


I was really disappointed by the Season 4 premiere. Meredith has really lost her light and Gizzie-Gate is just wrong. Most Americans do still believe in the sanctity of marriage and GA has made a joke of it. I'm beyond how any of you can root for a marriage to be destroyed because a selfish, self-absorbed princess has a new flavour of the month. The character Callie has been so maligned it's not even entertaining to watch anymore.


Gizzie vomit! I hope Shonda will kill this horrid couple. They are the new Addek

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