Round Table: "Crash Into Me, Part II"

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While fans gather in our forum to discuss each character, couple and plot twist, the Grey's Anatomy Insider staff comes together to talk about the key moments and share their opinions regarding the latest episode of our favorite drama.

Round Table topics for "Crash Into Me, Part II" include the future of Derek and Rose, Alex's love interests, and our favorite funny and gross moments ...

1. So Rose can apparently fix computers. What other surprise talents will this versatile nurse unveil next?

McCritic: She can go an entire hour without making everything about herself. It's a talent Derek's other love interest is yet to master.

iheartizzie: No idea. But Mer-Der lovers who inherently dislike Rose may be amused to learn that the mascot of UC-Santa Cruz is - seriously - the banana slug.

AndYouveGotTheHair: The way this is headed, there will be another code black and Rose will save the day by dismantling an explosive or disarming a crazed gunman.

Red Scrubs?

2. Tougher loss to stomach: Nick's blood, or Bailey's marriage?

iheartizzie: The former. Seriously, that was the goriest episode of all-time. Seth Green pretty much bled to death over the course of an hour. Perhaps a little overkill - for a second I thought Lexie Grey changed into red scrubs.

McCritic: Miranda Bailey deserves better than someone who can't understand her obligations as a surgeon. She'll be better off in the end. But Nick, sadly, will never be better off again after losing so much blood.

AndYouveGotTheHair: They were both hard to watch for different reasons. I couldn't help but notice the great guest star performances from both Nick and Tucker (Cress Williams), as well as Ava (Elizabeth Reaser) and of course Rose. Despite how gross it was at times, this was a powerful episode.

3. Best quote directed at Dr. Hahn: Meredith telling her to zip it, or Mark not promising anything when it comes to hitting on her?

AndYouveGotTheHair: Meredith! Hahn had that coming and it was great to see our girl stand up to her ... as well as for herself at the end. Hope it's enough!

McCritic: Mark. I also loved his response to Hahn's request to get A drink. He seemed to be focused on more than one libation: "Sure, let's drink."

iheartizzie: Mark. The serious expression on Dr. Sloan's face as he says he's not gonna guarantee that was priceless. And how could he? That would be like George swearing off bumbling or Alex promising he won't look hot in that wife-beater.

4. What's next for George and Izzie after their talk?

McCritic: Admiring the realism of MTV's The Hills. Supporting the Iraq war. Watching soccer. After admitting they love each other, but blaming "timing" as the reason they couldn't be together, I figure they'll continue to do things that don't make any sense.

iheartizzie: I think they're going to cool it and try to rediscover their bond as friends before taking it to the next level. He may genuinely love Izzie, but George was smart to put the brakes on. He is, presumably, still married to Callie.

AndYouveGotTheHair: What was that? Did they break up or just take a step back? I don't know what to think about Gizzie anymore. I love them together a lot but some of these twists seem unrealistic (as Katherine Heigl herself said).


5. How much did you want to join that dance party?

McCritic: Enough for me to head to the local arcade and spend half the night playing Dance Dance Revolution.

iheartizzie: Should I be proud or embarrassed to admit that Mrs. iheartizzie and I actually did join in with our own dance party in our living room at the end?

AndYouveGotTheHair: So much. What a great scene, although it would have been better had Callie made a surprise appearance ... in only her underwear.

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Gizzie still matter what happens in the future! I wish those two all the best, and pls over come this phase soon, cause alot of gizzie fans want them as a couple asap!! "TIMING?!" come on, gimme a break! its not believable okie....the writers are being such joy killers! i miss my Gizzie...already.


Btw Kathy,
where did you read all those spoilers about epi 11? I can't find a lot about it...


I think Merder will get together... Merder is grey's anatomy!!
Shonda knows everyone loves this couple... I know it doesn't look good for the moment, but I'm sure they'll get back together! Let's hope so!


Grey's Anatomy ended half way through season three. I kept up hope for a while, waited for the "fun" to come back. Waited... and waited. Everything I grow to know and love about this show has been shot and mutilated, and I'm sick of it. I know I'm not going to be the only fan doing something else with my Thursday nights now. I'll keep up by reading the recaps, and maybe if it gets back on track I'll start watching again. Life doesn't suck for everyone all the time every day of the year.


yeah!!! Gizzie was amazing as a couple...shonda is just being unreasonable and stupid to destroy such a wonderful relationship!! Gizzie was the only reason i watch Greys anymore!! its so frustrating to see them apart didn't look tht way when they danced so lovingly at the end!!! I am a huge gizzie fan, and i am sure i won't forgive her. she did make a stupid mistake messing up the most perfect couple on Greys.
I'm so pissed at the moment!!! Gizzie still rocks my world!! I want them together again...and if "i love yous" weren't enough. and the dance n cuddling...i dunno what is??!! Someday should be NOW! and if they end up with diff partners after this....i swear i'm gonna lose it completely!!!


How can anyone anyone have ever liked Alex and Izzie? They were sick together. He cheated on her and she treated him like some inflatable sex toy she could throw in the garbage when she didn't want him. How is that better than her and George who loved each other, look at each other with so much love and lit up just being near each other? Not sure if Shonda bowed to the haters, which is stupid as I think the Gizzie fans are the majority, but she made a stupid stupid mistake messing up the most wonderful couple on the show. The Gizzie fans won't soon forgive her.


If Gizzie is done, I am done for good. They are why I watch this show. That said, I don't think Shonda bowed to the haters. Look at how she crapped over all the couples on this show, and look at how she is crapping all over beloved MerDer even though she knows the MerDer fanatics will be after her in a heartbeat and hate her to death. No, she is just being true to herself, not believing anyone can have it all and screwing all the couples and their fanbases. I am done with her sick twisted mind. Gizzie was the last bit of magic left for me.


The more you try to read meaning to the hints patrick has being droping these last few weeks the more you will be upset. I am a grey fan and therefore i will watch till the end, however, i have lost faith in derek. You have no idea how betayed i felt by him and i have a feeling its not the end with him and rose. The fact that she was signed for 7 epis says it all. i dont think i will be able to like him as b4 even if he and mer end up together. I cant be bothered anymore with the r/ship, its just too stressful.
I love mer and christina's r/ship for that reason alone i will be there for them till the end. Lexie is growing on me and i will like to see her and mer resolve there differences. There is also bailey, sloan, callie and so many other characters that i think fans are attached to and would want to see them every week.


ugh! horrible episode! i really didnt like the amont of blood on lexie and the fact that she didnt change into something else... agree with everyone who says the rose and derek kiss was awkward.. getting tired of izzie and her being all upset and feeling sorry for herself and alex!?!!?!?! what the heck was that all about with him and ava at the end?!?!?!?!?! i was like WHAT! anyone have any idea where that is going?


I love GIZZIE so so much!! i almost cried when i watched last night's episode!! it was horrible to witness those two breaking up like that! i guess shonda did bow down to the anti-gizzie fans in the end. sighs. reality there are alot of Gizzie supporters out there!! And they deserve more than just a crappy reason to "break up", Bad timing?! gimme a break was so unbelievable, if Gizzie is done, i'm done with Greys!! Gizzie was the best thing that ever happened to greys and if they are just taking a break i would be happy, tht they slowly romantically fell back to each other as lovers again!!! SOON....*crossing fingers* The ending with the "I love yous" and everything was dead on amazing, and so lovely!! i just adore them together....cuddling, and loving each other! It was wrong to break them apart writers!! Especially at the end when they were dancing in each other's arms, it was so touching! I really wanted george to state tht it wasn't their chemistry, cause it isn't!! or else they wouldn't be able to dance together like they did in the end! So loving and the way they looked at each other, only spoke of LOVE!! so romantic...and sweet. SOO....gizzie isn't dead!! I hope not....if they end up pairing with anyone else, i am gonna flip!! n thts in for greys for me. seriously.
Gizzie rocks always!!!

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