Round Table: "Crash Into Me, Part II"

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While fans gather in our forum to discuss each character, couple and plot twist, the Grey's Anatomy Insider staff comes together to talk about the key moments and share their opinions regarding the latest episode of our favorite drama.

Round Table topics for "Crash Into Me, Part II" include the future of Derek and Rose, Alex's love interests, and our favorite funny and gross moments ...

1. So Rose can apparently fix computers. What other surprise talents will this versatile nurse unveil next?

McCritic: She can go an entire hour without making everything about herself. It's a talent Derek's other love interest is yet to master.

iheartizzie: No idea. But Mer-Der lovers who inherently dislike Rose may be amused to learn that the mascot of UC-Santa Cruz is - seriously - the banana slug.

AndYouveGotTheHair: The way this is headed, there will be another code black and Rose will save the day by dismantling an explosive or disarming a crazed gunman.

Red Scrubs?

2. Tougher loss to stomach: Nick's blood, or Bailey's marriage?

iheartizzie: The former. Seriously, that was the goriest episode of all-time. Seth Green pretty much bled to death over the course of an hour. Perhaps a little overkill - for a second I thought Lexie Grey changed into red scrubs.

McCritic: Miranda Bailey deserves better than someone who can't understand her obligations as a surgeon. She'll be better off in the end. But Nick, sadly, will never be better off again after losing so much blood.

AndYouveGotTheHair: They were both hard to watch for different reasons. I couldn't help but notice the great guest star performances from both Nick and Tucker (Cress Williams), as well as Ava (Elizabeth Reaser) and of course Rose. Despite how gross it was at times, this was a powerful episode.

3. Best quote directed at Dr. Hahn: Meredith telling her to zip it, or Mark not promising anything when it comes to hitting on her?

AndYouveGotTheHair: Meredith! Hahn had that coming and it was great to see our girl stand up to her ... as well as for herself at the end. Hope it's enough!

McCritic: Mark. I also loved his response to Hahn's request to get A drink. He seemed to be focused on more than one libation: "Sure, let's drink."

iheartizzie: Mark. The serious expression on Dr. Sloan's face as he says he's not gonna guarantee that was priceless. And how could he? That would be like George swearing off bumbling or Alex promising he won't look hot in that wife-beater.

4. What's next for George and Izzie after their talk?

McCritic: Admiring the realism of MTV's The Hills. Supporting the Iraq war. Watching soccer. After admitting they love each other, but blaming "timing" as the reason they couldn't be together, I figure they'll continue to do things that don't make any sense.

iheartizzie: I think they're going to cool it and try to rediscover their bond as friends before taking it to the next level. He may genuinely love Izzie, but George was smart to put the brakes on. He is, presumably, still married to Callie.

AndYouveGotTheHair: What was that? Did they break up or just take a step back? I don't know what to think about Gizzie anymore. I love them together a lot but some of these twists seem unrealistic (as Katherine Heigl herself said).


5. How much did you want to join that dance party?

McCritic: Enough for me to head to the local arcade and spend half the night playing Dance Dance Revolution.

iheartizzie: Should I be proud or embarrassed to admit that Mrs. iheartizzie and I actually did join in with our own dance party in our living room at the end?

AndYouveGotTheHair: So much. What a great scene, although it would have been better had Callie made a surprise appearance ... in only her underwear.

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Kathy, PD said some things. He said that he likes this Derek. Probably he liked D/R kiss too.


Since Thursday nights episode, I have been trying to give this Mer/Der thing alot of thought. There are so many spoilers and comments made by different ones on what will happen in episode 11. But, I'm still holding on to the comment PD made on GMA. He says something happens and they move forward with the relationship. I took that being positive for Mer/Der! But from the spoilers, it says that Der shows Mer the house plans and she basically tells him she isn't there yet but they will get there slowly together (something like that) and kisses him and runs off. Then he gets discouraged with her again and goes to the nurses station and ask Rose out on a date. I thought somebody said that would be the last scene of the episode with Mer/Der/Rose.??? If thats true, then where are they moving forward?? I took his comment as if we would know what was going to happen by the end of episode 11. Did anyone else see the interview with PD and get what I did out of it? A positive move for Mer/Der?? I'm still trying to believe that they will be together sooner than later! What do you guys think at this point?


"I couldn't tell from Derek's eyes whether or not Meredith was too late. I'm just not sure I trust him after watching him coming on to and kissing Nurse Rose. I really wish they'd bring McVet back. " If Derek really loves Meredith.... Anyway, after D/R gross kiss, MerDer are over.


did anyone understand what happened with ava and alex... i mean what he said was right but he was being a jerk and she just kept kissing him? what was that about??? i love them together but dont like where the show is taking them


Derrose??!! They ruined the episode. I hope Dempsey will decide for a movie career.


Quite a boring episode...Only the Merder/Derrose and Gizzie moments were ok. Bailey doesn't deserve to be alone. Oh btw Y'all know who's gonna be the new face for the Versace spring/summer 2008 campaign??
Yes indeed, Patrick Dempseyyyy :D


I thought George and Izzie at the end were great! Hope that after this 'break-up' (which was very beautiful, with the I love you's and everything), they can start over as a couple some time.. Glad that they let George say that it was not their chemistry.. because they obviously have it.


Rose is so stupid. She ruined the episode.


McCritic is funny. I liked what they said about what other hiddend talents Nurse Rose might have. Izzie and George were kind of growing on me but not really. It just was always weird to me and I've always been fond of Izzie relationship with Alex and I miss that terribly. As for ava/rebecca and...I just don't understand that anymore. Maybe she's unhappy with her life and just likes to use alex as an escape out of her reality. Nick bleeding out like that was just about the saddest death I've seen on Grey's since Denny's and that sweet guy in the fliped over paramedics truck in the "Crash Into Me Part One. Tuck needs to be patience with Bailey. He knew what he was getting into when he married a doctor. And after reading a certain spoiler about Bailey and Tuck[which I sort of believe but not really] I just hope that their marriage will make it through the storm. Other than that I really did enjoy this epsiode and am very excited to see what Shonda and company have in store for us.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE George and Izzie. I never took the Katherine interview as her bashing Gizzie as she has said so many times she loved the couple but hated they were written as a love affair,. as she felt it was out of character. So I am hoping Shonda did this so they can get together when the time is right and without hurting anyone. I hope IheartIzzie is right and they become friends again and slowly fall in love again (well they are already but the kind of love that makes their relationship work). Watching them dance, I don't know how anyone can claim they have no romantic chemistry because that was not friends chemistry to me. It was so beautiful it made me cry. Those two are amazing together and they cannot be over for good, my hear just could not take that.

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