Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Freedom"

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While fans gather in our Freedom" include memorable Grey's Anatomy quotes and kisses, Emmy winning performances, unanswered questions and predictions ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the finale?

McCritic: I can't recall the exact wording - and, no, it's not because I was crying so hard that my nose blowing drowned out the precise quote... I swear - but when Dr. Webber romantically told Adele that he was her husband and he was coming home, it almost made the confusing back and forth between these characters for the last two years worthwhile.

missingBurke: Have to go with this Meredith Grey quote (that it was interrupted by the kiss helps): "Now I'm here feeling like a lame ass loser. I got all whole and healed and you don't show up. And now it's all ruined because you took so long to come home! And I couldn't even find that bottle of champagne..."

iheartizzie: So many possibilities here, but when the "new" Mark told Callie how he wished he was all someone thought about and encouraged her to follow her heart with Erica, that was particularly awesome. I love Mark.

Torres and Sloan

2. Which of the many kisses in this episode was your favorite?

iheartizzie: They were all great, but in an outside-the-box pick, I'm going with the love-struck teen clinical trial patients, Beth and Jeremy. Most of the time the medical cases exist solely as devices through which our favorite characters interact, but these two were really terrific and helped make the episode great.

McCritic: Alex and Izzie. Not because I wanna see these two get back together, but because it was a vulnerable moment, played to perfection by Justin Chambers, that actually did not result in misguided sex for a change.

missingBurke: That montage was amazing, but nothing compares to Meredith and Derek. That kiss was an entire year in the making, and worth the wait.

3. Season Four was full of great performances by the Grey's Anatomy cast. Which cast member(s) do you think deserves an Emmy nomination?

missingBurke: Grey's Anatomy would win Best Drama every year if it weren't for some uneven story lines - the acting is superb from every cast member. It wouldn't be Grey's Anatomy, however, without the glue: Patrick Dempsey.

McCritic: Chandra Wilson. No actress on television fights back tears in a more forceful, emotional way (watch the scene where she hands Izzie the keys to the clinic again for proof) than the woman who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey.

iheartizzie: Justin Chambers was absolutely stunning at the end. To sell such an epic breakdown of macho Alex Karev, whose emotions and turmoil had been internalized for so long, is no easy task, but it was so believable. Chambers is terrific week in and week out, and with this, his talents should finally be recognized.

4. Bigger plot hole: George realizing he can ask for a second chance at the test a year later, or Richard coming home to Adele when he already did that once?

McCritic: George's realization. Instead of cheating on his wife with his best friend, perhaps George should have been reading the testing rules.

iheartizzie: In Season Two, Adele tells Richard that he doesn't put his family first. He throws a prom for niece Camille, but Adele leaves him anyway. Then, near the end of Season Three, Richard returns to Adele, only to have a door shut in his face. He thinks there is another man inside; this is never clarified. In the Season Three finale, Richard and Adele reunite when she is rushed to the hospital - yet they're mysteriously apart again as Season Four opens. Come on, writers. Even a man as funny as Chief can't rescue himself from these plot holes. He deserves better.

missingBurke: Richard let Meredith re-take the intern exam after she flaked. George never thought to ask if he could give it another shot?

5. After their romantic reunion, Derek told Meredith to wait for him and left to end things with Rose. What will happen next?

iheartizzie: For this answer I must quote a reader who submitted her own theory via our Contact Us form. I'm curious to know what others think of this potential outcome: "It's so obvious that as Derek tells Meredith to "wait" for him ... that we will find out next season he has been killed in some car accident going off to tell Rose that they are through. THIS COULD NOT BE MORE OBVIOUS."

missingBurke: After quickly dispatching of Rose, Derek returns to Meredith in the house of candles, as promised - with an engagement ring in hand.

McCritic: Derek will die... of embarrassment because his car is out of gas!


What's next for Derek and Meredith after the emotional season finale?

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hi everybody,
seasonfinale was the best ever seen ;-)) I really loved the moment just before Callie kissed Erica ... can´t wait for season 5 - and the story between CALLIE/ERICA - what will happen to Mark - also one of my favourite characters - especially since he told Callie to open her heart to ERICA ... don´t let us wait tooo long
best wishes cw.


OMGGG i adored the season finale! i live in russia so like i only JUST saw it.
i loved it sooooooo much and i cried sooo hard for the last 25 mins or so. especially when alex cried. it must've been so hard for him cause like he loved rebecca and like now shes admitted in a psych hospital and he was reminded of his mother and i wouldnt've survived.
anways i think that justin chambers should get the award because of all his passion and yelling and crying and all that crap.
i cant wait to see season 5!!!!


I loved the season finale. Best Kiss: MerDer, no contest. It's been building up for so long that the intensity of it had to be released somehow. 2nd Best Kiss: Lexie and George. It may have been short, but it was sweet. Almost like a "honey I'm home" kind of kiss. Like they had been doing that their whole lives. It was so cute. When I saw that, something in my head went: "DING! Cute couple alert!" I can't wait to see how possibly the cutest relationship (next to MerDer) in the show develops. Best Quote: Well, this was tough.
I did love Meredith's ranting of "Stupid...corny...idiotic...I cannot believe I did this. Stupid...loser... son of a... I could be at home instead of...uhhh... stupid brainman." That was truly amazing.
I also had to love Cristina's "That's not sanitary...." I'm excited to see what season 5 has in store. Especially with my favorite couples. (MERDER) While I did think the Erica/Callie kiss was cute, it was somewhat predictable in the sense that it was obvious that Erica's "no work/romance" thing was totally not going to last. Also that she is into women. That was kind of coming. I think it's good though to introduce a different romantic aspect to the show. While Sloan is still a perverted sexaholic, he's growing a little. I mean, when faced with Erica/Callie he could've been like "ew man! That's gross." But he didn't do that. He was (remotely) mature and told Callie to go for it. So, either he's maturing, or hoping for a threesome. Alex is facing some difficulty. I'm hoping we learn a little more about his childhood in Season 5 and I'm hoping Izzie helps him get through it. However, I hope it's not through sex. The Chief is home. Enough said. All that's left to say is: Shonda, get out your pen and start cranking out season 5!


Grey's anatomy is just the best! I just can't get enough of it! huge fan from Colombia South America...every time Derek kisses Mer is like i am being kissed by the true love of my life...thanks for letting me go thru that!


hmm.. idk.. after reading all these comments (and i dont want to jinx anything) but i think its safe to say Grey's has a good chance winning best drama at the emmys after these last 5 episodes!


Something has to go wrong with Meredith and Derek, not because they are not meant to be but because its a T.V. show and the main couple always have to have something wrong. Though, I would love it if this time they dealt with their problems(Mer's trust issues and Derek's not good with confrontation issues) while staying as a couple. Did anyone else find it ironic that the one thing Meredith had to do was "trust" Derek when he returned and the one thing Derek had to do was "confront" Rose and tell her the relationship was over? As far we have seen, both these issues have been their achilles heel. The chances of either women getting pregnant with Derek's baby are slim. Meredith cannot get pregnant because it would cheat the viewers out of the Mere/Der love scenes and it will be unrealistic, keeping both their demanding jobs in mind. If Rose gets pregnant, that it would be just another version of "the ex-wife returns" storyline. They are over and done with Derek choosing someone else over Meredith because of his legal/moral obligations. As for Rose, I think, as long as she stays away from Derek and Meredith, she could be a fun character. In fact, she could be a perfect match for the newly reformed Mark Sloan, who does have a thing for his best friend's leftovers. So if Rose has to stay on, that could be one possibility. George and Lexie: Okay, what is with George and Grey women? He had a thing for Meredith for so long. Ellis thought of him as her husband and now Lexie.... But seriously, their couple is so cute.. I just find it so interesting that finally a Grey woman is crushing after him.. it will be cute and fitting if these two end up together. Alex and Izzie: They will be a fun couple to watch next season. They can hardly be classified as a couple who is together. This is the more the case of Alex turning towards his best friend(whether he wants to admit it or not) for comfort sex. If Izzie is helping him, she is doing exactly what Alex did in the second season. With George all moved out, Izzie needs a new friend, and who better than Alex, the man who has always loved her? It will be fun if these two work out the demons of their past together. If they end up realizing they are in love with each other, good for them, if not, we know they will always have each others' backs.


That would be funny if on his way to tell Rose that it's over his car dies. But he'll most likely come back with a ring for Meredith. I'd rather not think of the possibility of Derek getting hurt on his way to Rose's or from Rose's to Meredith. I want this relationship to end up with them getting married and popping out their first of three kids. As for the emmy, I would love to see Justin Chambers grab a nom just cause I believe he is the most underrated actor on the show(So is James Pickard Jr). The biggest plot hole belongs to George. If Meredith could get a second chance to take the test then why didn't it accure to him that he could re-take it?


Do we know a start date for season 5??????


I think the writers did a wonderful job at drawing us back in for the last few episodes. I think the finale brought up some interesting developments in each character and leads to some great storyline possibilities! So here's what I think…. 1. ALEX. I think we are overlooking what Alex has going on in his head. I think Lexie finding out that he lied in his application essay to SGH is a way of telling us something that we've been overlooking â€" that Meredith's not the only one with a dark and twisty past. We already know that Alex's dad used to beat his mom, that he practically grew up in a bar, and that he ultimately ran his dad out of the house and never heard from him again. There are a lot of deep-seeded issues there, and it's unfair to assume that Meredith's the only one who has a right to be messed up. Now that we know Alex lied on his entrance essay, what else has he lied about? I mean, someone who would lie about having TESTICULAR CANCER to get a job obviously has some issues. Did he lie about having to take care of his mom like he was taking care of Rebecca/Ava, just so Izzie would let them leave? Did he sabotage his relationship with Izzie by sleeping with Olivia because he's afraid to have a real relationship and be happy? And then did he "fall in love" with a beaten up ferry-accident victim with no face because he didn't actually see a future? And maybe the reason he was so depressed at the end of season 4 wasn't because they'd taken Rebecca/Ava away, but because her situation has caused him to confront his own psychological issues. I'd like to see where this type of story could go for Alex. I think Justin Chambers is a talented actor and I'd love to see some more depth from him (like he showed us in the season 4finale). 2. MARK SLOAN. I don't think we learned anything new about him, except more to the notion that he's a good guy in disguise..blah blah blah. But here's my gripe: when will the writers give Mark an actual storyline! AHH! He's a good actor and he's sooooo McSteamy (will anyone ever forget that scene in the beginning of S3 when he came out of the shower in nothing but a towel….::sigh::… it getting hot in here…?) . In the future I think him and Izzie would be a good pairing â€" he definitely likes the hot, strong-willed women, and she needs a strong man to keep her craziness in tow. Plus I think they'd look right together. Just a thought! 3. CRISTINA. Are they bringing in Joshua Jackson as a rebound for Cristina? I remember the rumors before the strike saying that he was coming on and then it all went POOF. I'd like to see that happen for her….she needs some booty, not just a sparkle pager. Altogether, her character is another way the writers "saved" the ending of the season for me â€" b/c that they finally showed how everything affected her! She was dumped at the altar after finally becoming vulnerable for the first time in her life, she lost her mentor â€" and gets shunned by her new one, and still lives in her ex's apartment where she is constantly reminded of him. She SHOULD be depressed! I'm glad it's catching up with her because no one, not even Dr. Yang, can get over that solely by performing surgery to fix other peoples' hearts (literally). 4. And finally Mer-Der. Thank you to Shonda for telling us that no, Derek's not going to die. That's a relief. But just because Mer-Der are going to be together, doesn't mean that they are going to be happy. As Meredith truthfully and intelligently pointed out, she doesn't completely trust him and he needs to work to rebuild that trust. And aside from that, we've never really gotten to see Derek's own issues from the inside. This is a guy who finds his wife cheating on him with his best friend, and instead of dealing with it then and there, or just moving out, decides to cut all ties and move to the COMPLETE OPPOSITE END OF THE COUNTRY and immediately (do the math, it's a matter of days) starts a new relationship with a woman - and never admits that he's married! As viewers I think we've always rationalized those actions as "well its because he didn't really love Addison". Seriously? Seriously. You don't just move across the country and pretend your old life doesn't exist. There's a term for that â€" walking amnesia â€" and it's a pretty big psychological issue! I think that instead of Meredith causing all of the issues in Season5, Derek will get a turn. Did you see how haunted he was in the season4 finale? He was so angry at the clinical trials and so heartbroken about always "failing" Meredith. Patrick Dempsey is a good actor and I'm glad he's not getting killed on the way to see Rose or anything.
A lot of people are saying that they think Meredith will get pregnant soon…and I have to disagree. The writers dealt with Dr. Bailey's pregnancy in a very real way (I.e. the "mommy-tracking", lack of surgeries, maternity leave, needing daycare, trouble finding the time to see her son, etc.) and I think that adding all that to Meredith's character would really limit her storylines and slow her down. Especially since she'd have to spend an entire season in a baby-bump suit, followed by endless seasons of "who's taking care of the baby". It was hard enough for Miranda even with Tucker staying at home, imagine how badly it would work out between a full-time neurosurgeon and a Resident still early in her career. bleh. I just don't think it's feasible while there are still several years left in this series. Maybe towards the end, but not quite yet.
However, I wouldn't mind seeing Derek coming back to the hill with an engagement ring â€" they could definitely play that out for a long time. However, did you see Meredith's face at the close of the season4 finale? I think she was slightly appalled (as was I) that he had left her standing there, especially after her "I'm not entirely sure I trust you" speech. So I don't know that it would go over so well. (although he's a neurosurgeon and could probably afford a rock big enough to completely blind her of all that has happened so far in their relationship…lol). All in all, I'd have to saw it was a very successful finale. And I'm so happy that abc has already selected a start date for the fall â€" I'm watching that countdown meter religiously!


Give them all an award such a brilliant cast, that final scene, breathe taking, so so so beautiful and they totally pulled it off, with absolute conviction

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Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Where have you been?! I've been waiting and waiting for you! And I did this stupid, embarrassing, humiliating, corny thing. And I was just gonna tell you that, this over here is our kitchen and this is our living room, and over there that's the room our kids could play. I had this whole thing about I was gonna build us a house, but I don't build houses because I'm a surgeon. And now I'm here feeling like a lame ass loser. I got all whole and healed and you don't show up. And now it's all ruined because you took so long to come home! And I couldn't even find that bottle of champagne ... (Derek holds up the bottle and smiles)


Derek: Meredith....
Meredith: Stupid, corny, idiotic, I can't believe I did this. Stupid, loser, son of a ... I could be at home instead of ... oh
Derek: Meredith....