Round Table: "Losing My Mind"

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While fans gather in our forum to discuss each character, couple and plot twist, the Grey's Anatomy Insider staff comes together to talk about the key moments and share their opinions regarding the latest episode of our favorite drama.

Our topics for "Losing My Mind" include the Callie-Erica kiss, the Miranda-Tucker fight, the Alex-Ava weirdness and the Mer-Der reunion ...

1. By taking care of Rebecca himself, is Alex being loving or ignorant?

McCritic: He's trying to be loving, but Alex is a doctor. He should know better. In this case, ignorance is far from bliss.

iheartizzie: I know he's trying to be nice, but come on, Alex Karev. Keep your eyes on the true prize. I heart Izzie and I know you do, too. Make the move.

missingBurke: Karev thought he was gonna be a father. In his disappointment at that falsity, he's now treating Rebecca like a confused child. Is it misguided? Perhaps. But it's out of love.

Get Out

2. Choose a side: Tucker or Bailey?

iheartizzie: Love is a losing game, despite the best of intentions. There is no right, no wrong. Just deep-rooted problems and life decisions not fixed by even the longest of arguments. Kudos to the writers for this very realistic scene.

McCritic: Tucker. He's right that Bailey is being short-sighted by putting little Tuck in day care just so she can finish charts by his side.

missingBurke: I feel bad for Tucker, but his analogy of performing surgery versus parenting just didn't make sense. Bailey is more in the right.

3. The Callie/Hahn kiss: Just for fun? Or a sign of things to come?

missingBurke: Just for fun. Come on! Who doesn't love the occasional female lip lock? We know Mark sure did!

McCritic: Because the show seems to be struggling creatively, I'm gonna - sadly - say it's a sign of things to come. Look for Callie and Hahn to start dating, in a sign that Shonda Rhimes has run out of story line ideas.

iheartizzie: I like that the show pushes the envelope, but I just don't buy it with Callie. With Erica there is an element of mystery, as she's new to Seattle Grace, but Callie has been sleeping with the fellas this whole time. Now she's just gonna be a lesbian? Hope it was just for fun, guys.

4. Shonda Rhimes has said that Meredith and Derek will get together for good, and how this will happen will be "yummy" and "special." Has she followed through on her promise so far?

McCritic: Gosh, no. All that's happened since the show returned from its strike hiatus has been a contrived brain tumor surgical study - used just to get Mer/Der in the same room a lot - and the show using a therapist to explain all the fault of Meredith loyal viewers already knew she had. This isn't special. It's boring.

iheartizzie: Absolutely not. There's still a window of opportunity to salvage this season next week (and a two-hour episode at that), but Grey's Anatomy has been flat since the strike. I'd love to hear readers' thoughts on this, as it's hard to criticize a show I love so, but I don't really buy Nurse Plot Device or Therapist Plot Device or Clinical Trial Plot Device. I haven't given up hope but patience is wearing a thin. Here's hoping for a brilliant finale. Tie it together, Shonda. Bring it home. We know you can do it.

missingBurke: Yes. Grey's Anatomy prides itself on real, flawed characters. We don't need major events to get Mer and Der together finally. We just need them to slowly evolve, to see one another as we've seen them both for years now. Once they do, damn right it'll be yummy and special.

Rekindling the Passion

What's next for Derek and Meredith on the season finale?

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What is wrong with some of you people? lol jk..
but seriously, the show has gotten so much better! remember the end of s3.. now that was crap! its getting better and i think some of you are missing the point with the clinical trials importance. shonda and betsy said this is what slowly brings them back together. some of you may think that last episode drove merder father apart but i think it did the exact opposite:
"delusional fantasy"= thats what love is to meredith. she never thinks its going to really happen, that things will be alright. thats the reason she was so eager to get cristina down that aisle to marry burke. she needed to see that it was possible to find true love and end up happy. and of course what happened? he left her at the alter. anyway in dereks mind theres that hope. that was why he was so hopeful this guy in her head was real because he believes in the fantasy. so wheres the progress, because mer did yell at der to not rescue her and der did question if he was ever happy with mer- well here it is:
Meredith: because of what happened with their patient: the fact that the guy did indeed show up, and it was too late. in episode 414 dr wyatt told meredith she was the dying patient with the love of her life in the next room. and the gay patient did end up dying alone with the love of his life in the room. the same thing happened with this woman. she believed and was still left alone. merediths realizing maybe she needs to believe. so the ending scene really said it all. meredith wants help! she confessed her biggest secret shes never told anyone that explain a lot! the fact that when mer was a kid her mother tried to kill herself because the love of her life left makes a lot of sense of why merediths so afraid to let love in. she did that once and the wife showed up. people say she should be over it by now- well if something like this happened to your mother doesnt it make sense shes so afraid that the same thing will happen to her. when dr wyatt was explaining to meredith that shes careless with her life it opened up her mind and made her realize shes doing the same thing her mother did- shes heading down that path. so now she realizes she needs help. or she will be derin or phillip or the woman patient from 415 (whts her name?). she'll die with derek just a room away- never being able to let him in. so the fact that she wants help and is realizing why she stuck her hand in a body cavity and didnt swim- she believed her mother; that she was a waste of space on this planet. she needs to believe in herself again before she can believe and trust derek.
derek: yeah ok i was pissed when he walked hand in hand with rose but after rewatching i understand a bit more now: meredith really hurt him when she said love only exists in delusional fantasies making derek think she didnt believe they were in and had love. derek needs reassurance that meredith does love him. while i really wanted derek to break up with rose what actually happened kind of broke my heart. derek gave up. hes giving up on the fantasy because he thinks meredith has. so hes just going with the flow- with rose. he knows shes not his soulmate and not the woman hes suppose to have a fairytale with so he just wants fun. nothing serious- NOT THE FAIRYTALE just fun. although i really think derek needs to learn the concept of being alone.
*so yes i think the rose plot, trial plot and the therapist plot are all important. george: he is also growing. hes not annoying anymore and hes becoming a man. he realized that he complained a lot and hes taking what he can get. his life has sucked lately with the divorce and becoming an intern again but hes making the best of it. love him with little tuck! izzie: my least favorite character but hey, atleast she has less screen time and addison talked a little bit of sense in her. alex-rebecca: kind of bored by that storyline but the last scene was really sad. something is seriously wrong with rebecca. the finale will have a lot of alex in it and i have a feeling were going to learn a lot more about this guy. callie: i just dont understand how you go from thinking a man- george, is your mcdreamy, to sleeping with sloan, to being attracted to a woman by a kiss. i just find this storyline strange. i dont care what they do with it. if callie wants to be a lesbian, go for it. whatever just stop sleeping with sloan. i want that man to grow. mark: speaking of mark. i want him with cristina. i dont know why but i think theyre both lonely and need love. im glad mark is also growing and getting more of a storyline. i just have one question- why does mark dislike meredith so much? they were friends in s2 and 3. cristina: i know everyones mad at her but i have to admit her cleaning was funny. im glad were seeing cristina angry and sad about burke. she never talked nor grieved about it and its about time. she was left at the alter for gosh sakes! everyone needs to go crazy sometime. her speech to lexie at lunch table was rude but the end made up for it. when cristina and george were arguing and cristina brought up how george was burkes guy you could tell cristina missed him an was sad. wow i typed a lot. the show is getting better and i love it!


The show has definitely improved post-strike. The characters are back to having depth, the show flows better, there are less pratfalls. Whoever said the show got "flat" recently needs to re-evaluate. While I understand the frustration with the plot devices, they have to do anything they can to quickly reverse all the mistakes made pre-strike. So, cut the writers a break and let's hope Grey's gets makes it back to greatness once the post-strike recovery is complete. I personally think it's on its way.


the kiss between callie and hahn left my mouth open for like ten minutes. that was a major new thing in the show. i think callies going to confront hahn and have a problem with her. i don't like hahn, shes to boring to be a character. i want her gone rose and dereck need to be done. i don't mind her as a character but i don't want her with him. mer-der needs to happen, soon. what was up with dereck snapping at meredith like that in the tumor ladies room?! i think he's realizing that him and rose were a stupid idea and taking it out on her. whateverr, i'm ready for the finale.


You know I hate to think about it, but I can really see the whole mer/der/rose thing going very very bad. They open the champagne for their first surviving patient get together like at the prom, rose walks in on them. She leaves so mer/der can be together. In her angst of seeing them together she sleeps with mcsteamy in the vailed attempt to get over it! Then next season she pops up pregnant, ughhh! Then we will spend a whole season trying to find out who's kid it is. While Meridith broods on the whole Derek can't abandon Rose concept. Addison should have just kicked her ass when she had the chance, that would have been AWESOME!!


I luv it all, BUT ROSE GOT 2 GO. Everything else iz cool like a ice box. Serously, i cant wait in2 d season finale, Damn it. I just cant stand rose and what hell ups w/h jane doe/ava she got problems big tme. Dat crap iz crazy, and speakin' of bein' out there did yall check out Cristina cleanin' like she have lost it. Damn she should b on LOST.
Callie&Hahn wtf is all i got 2 say im ok with gay but how can she trun gay when she was just married. DAMN, i see Y she b runnin after mcsteamy and plus who wouldn't run after dat hahahahah.... wink!!!


urgh i m excited but also sad about the season finale they always leave you hanging they r sooooooooo bittersweet!


I think Shonda is not yet back to the greatness of previous seasons. I didn't like the beginning of this season. We are slowly getting back. The announcement of Der and Mer finally being together made a lot of us keep on watching, because we now know we do not have to endurance all the terrible storylines and the terrible nurse Rose much longer.


OMG!!! the ava thing would make SOOOO much sense!
It's like a lightbulb just went on in my head. Ava will make it through the surgery, realize she really still loves her husband (it was the tumor talking!), Alex will get depressed, Izzie will say " i told you so." and they will be happily ever after. As for Mer/Der... YEAH!!!! they finally get to break open that champagne cuz they "got it right!" (not only in the trial.... but in their relationship?) :) I'm so excited for the finale!!!


oh and greysfan, i'm completely with you on your eva opinion..the minute i noticed something was fishy with her, that was my prediction! i think she'll be the first successful patient, and i think meredith wants to prove that this trial CAN work so she can be assured that her relationship with derek CAN work.


i don't know how i feel about season 4:part 2..i have some split opinions. it may seem boring but i think it is because there are CONSTANTLY deep underlying parallels..i mean, EVERYTHING in the show is incredibly symbolic..especially with mer/der and their trial. it's, in essence, a trial of whether or not their relationship can make it. and i personally think they are on the road to success now, with the whole actuality of andre from the last episode. basically you just have to watch and understand that the storylines are a story within a story..that probably doesn't make sense, but in any case, i'm trying to say that if you comprehend all the symbolism, it's extremely least for me.
however, it is getting a tad repetitive and very drawn out. all i can say is that thank goodness the finale is next week, because i don't know how much longer i could endure the wait for the climax!

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