"All About Appearances" Recap Live

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Last night's episode, "All About Appearances" so much happened, where do we begin?  Well for starters, the girls were initially choosen to be the new face of Limoges Cosmetics until we saw how distant Laurel and the twins were.  Oh and we learn why!

Laurel Close with the Twins

Also, Charlie and Megan begin to have problems in their friendship when Charlie is sick of things being one way.  Oh and wait, there's more!  It turns out Jacob seems to still be talking to his ex and a little bit more.  Be sure and read our very complete "All About Appearance" recap to catch up on the full episode.

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Megan: This is the type of place most kids go to school
Sage: Now I know why there's so much crime in this country

Zach [seeing Rami wearing the same suit]: Oh you wear the same outfit as my debate team, that's cool
Rami: Yes, excuse me while i go set fire to mine

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