Gossip Girl Pictures From "New Haven Can Wait"

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Below is a photo gallery for next Monday's all-new episode of Gossip Girl, "New Haven Can Wait." As you know, there's a big fight (and some hazing) brewing - not to mention some interesting fashion - as our favorite gang visits Yale! Click to enlarge ...

Chuck Waits
Blair Waldorf Fashion
Serena the Student
The Basshole
College of Her Dreams
The Battle For Yale
Yale Rivals?
New Haven Can Wait
Like, OMG!
Nice Hat S!
Preppy B
Pretty in... Blue-Green
Ivy League Blair
Serena-Blair Fight
Cat Fight!!!!!
Ready to Rumble

Should be great. For some sneak previews of the episode - including a rare, funny behind-the-scenes shot of S and B - check out our section of Gossip Girl videos!

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Um, can someone explain what was the chuck 2.0 and blair 2.0 mean? I don't really understand it! Please, someone..


i don't think,but possibly it can be a great desire of in heaven


Possibly. But I don't think they did, at least thats what I heard. They might have filmed a few scenes in New Haven


I live in New Haven! Did they actually film it there?


Im so excited for this episode :)
I don't think B&S's cat fight or feud will last long, they will probably be all chummy by the end of the episode! I loved Serenas "bitchness" when it started but I hate it when shes a bitch to Blair!

Chucks bear

Oh goody! chuck looked fab! cat fight snapies...i liked B's attire, the one with the green cardigan..she went mono and that's a good choice for an interview, very formal... i'd wear that on an OJT...hehe


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