"Nothing Sacred" Episode Recap, Pictures, Quotes, and Music

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We're well on our way to filling up our Lipstick Jungle archives with "Nothing Sacred" complete.  In this episode Victory is trying to get her mojo back in the form of a hat, Wendy is trying to stop a slanderous book about her, and Nico is struggling to get Prince WIll on her cover.

Nico and Kirby at the Office

With this great episode came ten quotes, eleven pictures!, and five songs.

Go ahead and spend some time with our episode guide and enjoy the following pictures as you relive the second chapter of Lipstick Jungle.

Victory at Nico's Office
Hector Matrick
Victory and Joe Do Lunch
Nico and Hector
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Lipstick Jungle Quotes

It wasn't a pitch, I got ambushed by a fetus in Ferragamos


I gotta pitch to someone who knew Paul Newman had a career before a salad dressing