Private Practice Caption Contest IV

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Welcome to another edition of the Private Practice Insider Caption Contest, our fun Friday feature. This week's Caption Contest winner - using the photo below from "Past Tense" - is Milena Pessoa. Congratulations!

Thanks to all for playing and good luck again this week.

The Oceanside Docs

What!? I didn't win the "chief" election again?! Oh no... I'm gonna call SWAT... Now!

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Pete: wow...she's hott!!!!!
Addison:Pete...thats my mother.


Addison: Why is Patrick Dempsey sitting in my office? Pete:I think he's lost Dell:Why does Addison always get the good patience? Violet:PATRICK DEMPSEY IS IN HER OFFICE!?!?!?


Addy - I am so disappointed in you, Fiona
Pete - Fi, you're meant to be channelling your rage into crafts, isn't that what you and Violet discussed?
Violet - Hey! She's my patient, let me sort this out!
Sam - Once I'm finished this paperwork, she'll be Addy's patient, she's pregnant.
Dell - Ohh, maybe I can help deliver the baby! Fiona is a psychotic patient.


Addison: There's a waiting list? For a patient room?
Pete: Looks like we're going to have to take our business somewhere else today...


Pete to Addison: Just 20 minutes! Addision to Pete: NO, for the last time! Addision: Naomi!! Do you agree with Pete that my body need works over with that defat maschine?!


What!? I didn't win the "chief" election again?!
Oh no... I'm gonna call Swat... Now!


Addison to Sam and Naomi: I'm not sure why they keep voting for me to do things, but now I am supposed to tell you to close the shades when you're getting naked. We don't need to see that. We may never recover from that! Dell (thinking) : Well if Naomi is the one on top, I don't mind if they leave the shades up.

Private Practice Quotes

You ever been violated? Anybody rape you lately? Let me tell you what its like. You know those made for TV movies where some woman's crouched down naked in a shower holding her knees and sobbing because when she closes her eyes she can still feel the guys hands on her? How when they show the attack the woman's eyes go all blank and still and she goes to some other place in her mind just to deal with the horror of what's happening to her while some Lillith Fair song plays. It is nothing like that. He's sturdy and sweaty and he licks your face and wipes himself off in your hair and when you try to scream he punches you so hard you see God. And then he goes at you again reaping stuff you didn't even know you had because he enjoyed it so much the first time. I know you're trying to help but if helping me means that everyone is gonna be looking at me the way you're looking at me now please do not help me.


You tomato-ed me back. I like that.


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