Privileged Spoilers: Mrs Smith Cast!

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We had previously reported that Megan and Lily's mother would be appearing on Privileged soon.  Now thanks to the Chicago Tribune, we know who will be playing her!  Sharon Lawrence, of NYPD fame, will be playing Mrs. Smith.  She has been cast for episodes 11 and 12.

Sharon Lawrence

If last night's episode with their father appearing was any indication, I can't wait for the drama in store for us!

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Haha, you guys are very right and this writer is very wrong. Post corrected and I will start to either get more sleep or drink more coffee.


OMG, Megan's related to the twins! They're cousins! When they were little(r), Megan was their baby-sitter, and that's really why Sage hates her! It all makes sense now! Just kidding. Anyway, I cannot wait to see the shouting match between the twins' aunt (okay, I'll stop now) and Megan and Lily. *shudder* I love this site, by the way.

Vero d

but if she is the mother of Megan and Lily she is NOT Mrs. Baker... right? Baker is the twin's Mom... she should be Mrs. Smith... am I right?

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Boss: This isn't about the hair, though it is really distracting...

Hey lady, i can see your va-jay-jay!

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