Round Table: "Dream a Little Dream of Me"

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While fans gather in our Dream a Little Dream of Me." Better late than never, right? Topics this week include memorable Grey's Anatomy quotes, perceptions of characters old and new, and the future of MerDer ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the premiere?

McCritic: Lexie's take on adultery: "It happens. People make mistakes. They ... sleep with the wrong person and ... they hide it but, if you ask me, it's the part that comes after that matters. The part where you make it right. And I think you're off to a good start." Sums up Grey's Anatomy perfectly, doesn't it? No show on TV examines the imperfect nature of humans in such a manner. Thanks so much for that, Shonda.

missingBurke: My favorite was Owen's recurring, one-word quote: So?

iheartizzie: When Alex demands to know what Izzie said to Meredith: "Did she tell you that I cried? Because that is a lie!" This is great because Izzie did not actually say this, and because being perceived as nice really does turn some guys off.

She is So Cute

2. Lexie Grey: Cute or annoying?

iheartizzie: I heart Lexie and think she and George would be great together (eventually, under the right circumstances) - unlike some of the other girls he's been with to date.

McCritic: She's very cute. But incessant crushing on George by beautiful women - has he had time to breathe between Callie, Izzie and now Lexie - is annoying. Leave some for the rest of us!

missingBurke: Lexie Grey does kind of irk me sometimes. I've found the character to be a bit inconsistent. I know it's not her fault but it just seems like Chyler Leigh is trying too hard.

3. Dr. Hunt's aggression: Turn on or Turn off?

missingBurke: Oh, it is most definitely a turn-on. Which, oddly enough, makes the show even harder to turn off. Sorry. That was lame.

McCritic: Let's just say that Cristina has far more willpower than I ever could. Yum.

iheartizzie: I have to say, I was sketpical about Dr. Hunt at first, but rather than introducing a token Cristina Yang love interest we are supposed to accept just because, Grey's Anatomy hit it out of the park with this talented, tough Army doc. I hope he's not MIA for long.

4. Which Alex will show up next week?

McCritic: Alex is evolving. But Darwin never said this process would happen overnight. We just need to sit back and enjoy the struggle Karev is undergoing as he learns that it's okay to open up. It really is, Alex.

iheartizzie: He recoiled big time after Izzie described him so glowingly, and was last seen dragging some random girl into bed. Sensitive Alex is lurking beneath the surface and plotting a comeback, but look for vintage Season 1 Karev in the immediate future.

missingBurke: He seems to be struggling to find out who he is. For that reason I think we will continue to see both sides of Alex intermittently. 

5. Derek moving in will result in: A break up or a marriage?

iheartizzie: There will be turmoil between now and then, but a marriage between these two is what we've all been waiting for from the very first episode. Sometimes it takes longer than we want, but Grey's Anatomy always delivers.

missingBurke: Breakup. It may be a short-lived breakup, but you don't think they can really go a whole season of being together, do you? What would people talk about?

McCritic: A marriage. Sorry, Meredith, but I need to believe in fairy tales.

Marry Her Dammit!

What's next for Derek and Meredith after he moves in with her this week?

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Edith, Alex was never in a relationship with Addison. Having sex once with a person does not constitute a relationship. The HUGE difference between Alex and George is that Alex wasn't falling in love with someone new every other month. George declared his love for Meredith, Callie and Izzie - all within a few months!!! Izzie was still grieving and woke up one morning with a hang over and decided it was God's plan that she had slept and fallen in love with her married bestfriend. Both characters didn't really seem to know what love is but they're slowly figuring it out and how to make relationships work. They've both learned from their mistakes and seem to be on the right path in getting their life back on track. Izzie has admitted that she made a mistake with George, has let Denny go and is now moving on and getting back to her previous self. George is focused right now on passing his intern test and catching up to the other residents instead of "falling in love" with (un)lucky girl #4. Right now, he and Lexie should just remain friends. Getting into a relationship with another friend and co-worker who's also his roommate would just complicate his life when he's trying to fix was he messed up.


Lexie is my new favorite female character. It used to be Izzie until she was paired with Alex and I ahd to f all her scenes. Lexie is full of hope, optimism and a great great heart. What,s not to love? Oh and she seems George for the amazing guy that she is. I love Gexie.


Yeah Marie. Alex went from Izzie to Addison to Ava now back to Izzie. Izzie from Alex to Denny to George to now Alex, and you don't seem to have a problem with that. Why should George not have love too? Just because he doesn't look like a model. I like him and Lexie and am rooting for them. Of course if there is any chance of a izzie reunion, I will pick it. Gexie is good, but they don't top my Gizzie.


I really like Lexie. She is a refreshing change of pace to grey's anatomy. Do NOT get me wrong, I am so addicted to the show, but i sometimes get annyoed with everyone. They are so moppy. They can be so narcissistic. And Lexie is sort of, happy. That is good for the show!


I love Lexie. I love her and George. All the other guys have been with women after women. It just seems because george is not your typical hunk, you have a problem with it. He was amazing with Izzie and is great with Lexie. He and Callie were blech though. Plus I love Lexie all her own. She is so adorable and cute. Since Gizzie broke up, Lexie and Gexie have been the one highlight. I still miss Gizzie though. Alex is a jerk, always has been, always will be. No interest at all.


meee again! i had a question for you guys? ok~ i already asked this like the day i found out but i really don't know~ i saw this picture of John Travolta you know the guy from Greese, i asked my L.A. teacher if it was real and she said yes! i asked her how she got it and she said there was this web site with all of that info in it!?!?! so you would never guess who i'm going to do,, ELLEN OR PATRICK!! who should i do?? well that is my question, who should i do? i like NEED to know from the biggest Ellen/Patrick fans i well tempraly know! you know! ha and you guys know i'd always let you know what they said! har har~
love always Syd


she's adorable!


well i think Lexi is a little bit of both! she needs to have a really hot relationship with Gorge! that'd would be good! but i love the hole fighting thing between her and Mer!
love always Syd

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