Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Rise Up"

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While fans gather in our Rise Up" include Erica Hahn's departure, Mark Sloan's future, Denny Duquette's latest return, and various kinds of alcohol ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

McCritic: Like my new favorite character, Dr. Hunt, allow me to be serious for a moment: I appreciated his intense approach to patient care when he yelled at Karev for carelessly treating a patient: "What you did was treat a man who's fighting to live like he's already dead. You have no sense, no decency and no respect!"

missingBurke: It was more of a sequence than a specific quote, but I loved the Chief operating the robo-patient and messing with George. LOL.

iheartizzie: Given the events of the past week, I found Erica telling Callie "there is no gray area here" a little ironic, because clearly when it comes to network execs determining what's taboo and what isn't, that Grey area is pretty massive.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

2. Denny: We want more, or enough is enough?

iheartizzie: I love Denny, and always have, but is this the third time he's been back since the Season Two finale? At some point, Izzie and Shonda both have to let it go.

McCritic: Enough! Jeffrey Dean Morgan is starring in Watchmen next year. The guy isn't in need of work.

missingBurke: Denny's the best! Challenging as it is to find new ways to incorporate him into the plot, and I say keep it up! Wouldn't mind more Kyle Chandler, too ...

3. If Cristina is a single malt scotch, what types of booze are some of the other characters?

missingBurke: Lexie Grey = Bud Light. Doesn't strike you as a quality product first, but after awhile, you get used to it and start enjoying it.

McCritic: Alex Karev is Heineken, an acquired taste. Meredith is tequila, she makes me wanna vomit. Bailey is rum and coke, she keeps you on your toes. Derek is a strawberry daiquiri with a pineapple slice, cherries and an umbrella, he's pretty to look at.

iheartizzie: To me, Mark Sloan is a like fine Knob Creek bourbon. Just the right amount of bite, but so, so smooth.

4. Will Mark Sloan ever get a substantive story line? If so, what?

McCritic: Yes. He's gonna date Callie.

iheartizzie: I think Erica's controversial departure may have paved the way for Mark and Callie, which may make George the new Mark. When is Dr. O'Malley going to do something interesting? Even his friendship with Izzie has become non-existent.

missingBurke: With so many Grey's Anatomy cast members, Mark seems to be relegated to comic relief. He's great at it, but he has to take on something significant eventually. Right? I'm hoping Addison's return will spice things up for Mark.

5. Are you happy Erica Hahn is gone?

iheartizzie: Absolutely not. I thought she meshed well with the rest of the characters, and the motives behind her departure and the breakup of Callica are highly questionable.

missingBurke: I think firing Brooke Smith was too extreme, but at the same time never got a good vibe from Hahn and think overall chemistry may improve going forward.

McCritic: No. Heaven forbid a full-out lesbian is allowed to become a main character.

Dr. Hahn

Dr. Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith) will be missed by many Grey's Anatomy fans.

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I got something to say and I hope these writters are listening. OK here goes!!!! As we all know. Grey's and ABC fired one of the best actresses that was ever on Grey's, Dr Hahn. I wanna make a suggestion. Ok the reason Dr Hahn left SGH was because Burke and Izzy took the heart that was supposed to go to Hahns guy. OK!!! If Izzy is leaving. Callie and Izzy needs to get into a hugh argument over everything that has happened between the 2 of them. Izzy breaking up her marrage and Hahn leaving. Izzy punches Callie, and Callie being so pissed over everything she has went through because of the bitch. Callie lowers the boom and knocks Izzy in the floor. After hitting the floor Izzy just lays there eyes open, but isn't breathing. Callie freaks, but manages to start CPR and call for help. Mc Dreamy shows up and helps with the CPR. They put Izzy on a ventalater. And head for the MRI and CT scan. After doing both they find out she is brain dead. They all know that Izzy is a organ donor, so they call Mercy West. Cause they have a heart for Erica's guy. And who shows up to harvest the heart? Dr Hahn!!! Callie being so upset over everything that has happen, just needs to get some where and be by herself. She goes to the op observation room and sits down and starts to cry. All of a sudden Callie hears a voice she knows all to well. Asking her if she is ok? Callie runs to the window and there is Hahn standing over Izzy on the op table looking up at her. Callie runs to Hahn and falls into her arms and breaks down crying again. After Callie pulls herself together, she helps Erica harvest the heart. As Erica and Callie walk through the hospital, Erica with heart in hand. Callie tells Erica how much she loves her and how much she has missed her. And asks Erica for another chance, Erica agrees. As Erica starts to walk through the door to leave. Callie grabs her and kisses her. This time Callie watched Erica walk away and it didn't hurt. From this point on. Erica and Callie talk on the phone and text message and e-mail. And we hear about all these great dates they have had. But we don't see them. Callie just goes back and tells Sloan. Oh and I almost forgot. Callie has to go to Dr webber and tell him what happen to Izzy. Dr Webber, says Callie, Izzy fell and hit her head. Case closed!!!


Yeah us Gizzie fans have quit the show, while the AI fans always stayed so maybe if Shonda wants to get her ratings up, she betetr start treating us with more respect.


Yes but the Gizzie fans have so maybe Shonda listened to the wrong fanbase? Are you a Phillip and Chloe fan by the way? I ask because of your nickname, and no I don't want to fight with anyone so yeah peace.


fello, again I'm sorry for those comments earlier. Really, I didn't mean to come of all harsh. Anyway what I wanted to say is that I would love for Gizzie to get back together to their BESTFRIENDSHIPness. Alex wasn't threatened by George because he understood that him and Izzie were best friends, he probably thought that best friends don't casually have sex with each other. But now, after George and Izzie had "decided" (my opinion) to fall in love, he's probably afraid to get hurt again, ergo his intimidation of George. Whatever, don't really care anymore, although i'll always be an Alexzie fan. Um, what else, oh yeah, about the ratings. I don't think it was really Denny/Izzie or George/Izzie that raised them, it could've the cause of other characters' storylines? I don't know. And it's not like Alexzie fans stop watching when that couple aren't together. There are also other people on the show worth watching. Peace out, and I mean it.


Realoly? Because Denny and Dizzie were able to bring the rtaings up. Alex and Izzie didn,t, the ratings were down with them. Funny how the ratings were good when Gizzie were together and now when Denny is there, but with Alex and Izzie, supposedly her most popular pairing, the ratings go down. I guess the Gizzie and Dizzie fans might spam less, but they watch and thsoe ratings are way more important in the end.


where are the merder's romances, hot moments, or whatever that make me alaways watch GA? Are they both frigid now, SHONDA ???!!! i'm totaly dissapointed


Shonda needs to let go of the past. Seriously, the show is suffering enough.


I agree. I am a Gizzie fan but can like them with other people. I like him with Lexie and I could like her with Mark, but I can't stand the thought of George and Izzie losing their connection. They are each other's persons and their connection is what makes the show special for me.


Yum. A McDreamy Martini, please!


oh, and someone along the way expressed that Derek is like a martini made of the finest quality ingredients-- the best darn martini you've ever had with like 3 olives! He's no fruity daquiri. :)

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Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

George: We're operating on robots now?
Alex: Can we please go back to pigs.
Cristina: Yeah, what about people?
Miranda: Well when the Chief decides which one of you gets to do the first solo surgery, you'll wanna be ready.

I do not know what it will be, I do not know when it will be. I do know that the winner should be prepared to do any surgical procedure and will choose one intern to scrub in. So practice your skills, impress your attendings, and do not make me look stupid.