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The central case on this episode of Grey's Anatomy belongs to Hahn. Mike is suffering from the same heart condition that Denny suffered from, narrowly missing out on a transplant a couple of years back.

It dawns on Izzie: he's the guy who was supposed to get the heart she stole.

They're going to do a procedure that will buy him some time until he can get another transplant, injecting ethanol directly into his heart, to destroy damaged tissue and help with his breathing. He has to be awake for it.

This case really begins to haunt Izzie - the guy's in Denny's old room, and she begins to see Denny walking the halls. In surgery, she freezes, seeing Denny, and bolts from the OR.

Meredith explains to Hahn the history of Denny. Hahn then goes to Callie, who fills her in on Izzie's relationship with Denny, the LVAD wire, the suspension, and what it cost Izzie. Hahn demands Richard fire Stevens ASAP and an ethics investigation be launched but Richard shuts her down.

Izzie's guilt is killing her. She hides from Hahn and everyone else, but when she goes to face the music and talk to the guy, Hahn insists she be there for the a second procedure.

Izzie keeps seeing visions of Denny, but during the next procedure on Mike, she eventually pulls it together enough to help him get through it.

There Denny is again. This time, in the locker room, she talks to him and begs him to go away because she's over him. But he comes back, a reminder that she hasn't moved on.

As for Erica, she tells Callie she intends to report the Denny-Mike case to UNOS, costing the hospital its transplant certification. Callie has no love for Izzie, but thinks the situation was handled appropriately.

Callie says actually she can, and Erica, appalled, walks away saying she doesn't know Callie at all. She will not return.

Elsewhere, a woman named Rosie comes to see to Derek and Bailey. She has a brain tumor, the type of which is prone to bleeding. She signs a Do Not Resuscitate order. She and her husband bid farewell as they always do when she goes in for a surgery, before they say hello again when she wakes up.

Derek and Bailey marvel at the couple's closeness and the strength of their bond - Bailey's in marriage counseling as we speak.

The surgery doesn't go well.

The tumor bleeds, and Rosie doesn't regain consciousness. Ed, her husband, at first doesn't understand why no one's moving to help her - and then the impact of the DNR sets in. It's a moving scene as he tries to resuscitate his own wife and the doctors must try to gently convince him she's gone.

A trauma comes in - a man beaten to the point of unrecognizability - and the Chief asks Hunt for input on the residents he's sizing up for a major solo surgery. While he watches Cristina efficiently handle the trauma, Hunt is horrified with the way she bosses around Lexie and shows no compassion.

Owen says he is astonished and dismayed that Cristina is planning for this guy's death while he's trying to save him.

In fact, the attitude among Cristina, Karev, and Lexie is all focused on procedure and the competition, which appalls Hunt.

Later he tells the Chief that his residents are undisciplined, inarticulate, and more interested in their personal lives than anything else.

In the end, Cristina finds an upset Hunt and tells him that the patient's wife identified him. Then she talks about how being in the car accident at age nine - her father was killed - has affected her and shaped her as a surgeon. And the patient's name is Tom. Hunt looks at her with more than a little respect and admiration, rather than disdain this time.

Richard introduces the staff to Stan, a robot patient simulator, which does battle with George. On her trip to the morgue, Lexie lays claim to several unclaimed bodies to use for practice - which the interns and our residents readily embrace. Later, Bailey finds this and demands they treat the people with respect - living or dead, they are humans.

As for Meredith and Derek, he's not getting a ton of sleep because as they devour her mother's journals because Cristina keeps calling Meredith in the middle of the night to talk about them for some reason. Surgical junkies.

Derek becomes convinced that Cristina needs a distraction, and convinces Mark to try to sleep with her. Sloan commences to hit on Cristina but his advances all sail over her head. Later, Meredith and Cristina give Derek a hard time for this, and they all laugh about it.

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I've only so far seen the scene between Callie and Erica outside the hospital (have also read a recap of the whole ep), but to me - a rabid fan of Hahn/Torres - that particular scene rings true and very in-character for both Erica and Callie. Much as I hate the idea of these two breaking up, I agree with others who say their relationship has been awkward and unrealistic from the start, nevermind last night's whole Denny-heart-Izzie thing. If Erica must go, at least she went with a sure-fire, in-character bang. As for Callie, she'd better hurry up and get over herself about her sexual identity. I'm with Erica when she says you can't "kinda" be a lesbian. You either are or you ain't, and those who sit on the "bi-sexual fence" are just in denial about who they are, straight or gay, which has been Callie's whole problem all along. Living in both sexual worlds works fine in fantasy, but it's much harder in real life.


imma miss callica but i think i will like cloan better!!!


who played the elderly couple in 11/6 episode (stage names). The woman was from WestWing and the man was in several movies and TV shows. Names please?


I never felt comfortable with Brooke she did not fit in with the rest of the far as looks are concerned and sex appeal. Sorry that's just me.


Hold your horses about Callie and Mark...if the rumours are true Sara Ramirez will also be leaving towards end of the season. Yes, I'm a Callica fan and somewhat disagree about the lack of chemistry between the characters or actors.
I guess we'll have to wait and see what will happen with Callie now Erica has gone and how quickly she'll get over Erica leaving.


thank GOD! CALLICA is over.
well i'm so sorry for their fans but it's really awkward.
and at least mark and callie will have some serious realtionship.i like them better than callica.


Thank goodness Callica is over!!! I was really rooting for them until that incredibly awkward scene at the beginning of last week's episode. I have never really felt any chemistry between them and I think it is better that it be done with. I'm looking forward to other characters getting more time. Maybe this will mean Mark will get a REAL story line. Yay!


I am so happy Izzie and Alex are finally together!!!
I hope they have some scenes of them in this episode. And i hope they keep them together longer then before

Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

George: We're operating on robots now?
Alex: Can we please go back to pigs.
Cristina: Yeah, what about people?
Miranda: Well when the Chief decides which one of you gets to do the first solo surgery, you'll wanna be ready.

I do not know what it will be, I do not know when it will be. I do know that the winner should be prepared to do any surgical procedure and will choose one intern to scrub in. So practice your skills, impress your attendings, and do not make me look stupid.