"Lover's Leap" Recap and Pics

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Friday night's episode of Lipstick Jungle finally saw what we only couldn't wait for... Victory proposed to Joe!  In addition to this monumental occasion, we unfortunately saw Nico moving further away from Kirby and closer to Griffin.  Wendy, meanwhile, finally found a solution to her problems with Shane: sending him off on tour!

Victory and Joe: Engaged!

You can catch up with the rest of the episode in our detailed "Lover's Leap" recap and browse through our pictures from the episode:

Wendy and Shane at the Performance
Wendy and Victory After the Performance
Shane the Keyboardist
Kirby Calls Nico
Close Up of Natasha Bedingfield
Joe Sits Alone

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This is the best show since sex in the city. Why is it they always take great shows for women off tv. I loved it when it was on wed. I always looked foward to watching. Fridays were tough because of night out.. Please bring this Great Show back. Even my boyfriend liked it. thanks for reading
sincerely, Ruthann


Yeah. I would have did that. But I'm not live in US. so go for it!!


THIS IS A COPY FROM THE LJ MASSAGE BOARD Hello Everyone! Just a quick update from all of us here at the show!! Tonight's the very last chance!! EVERYONE needs to WATCH LIVE tonight!! How the ratings look tomorrow morning will DIRECTLY determine whether this is our season finale or our SERIES finale!! I can tell you that i've seen the episode and while it's one of the best of the season, it doesn't wrap everything up nicely! There are more stories to tell!!! Please put all of your efforts to get everyone to watch the show LIVE tonight, and to get everyone to watch past episodes online at NBC and iTunes!! Don't Forget! 9pm TONIGHT on NBC!!!!! P.S. Thanks for a great season, and I will keep everyone up to date as to what happens this weekend on monday! Love,
The Lipstick Jungle Team :-)


anonimus, would you please post this message to the NBC writer's blog? Interesting information!!! Also maybe Facebook and Myspace. Sounds like we need to spread the word and get those ratings UP UP UP !!!!!! Thanks!


Hello everyone! I'm so so sorry that's it's been so long since I've been able to post. We've been on break for the holidays for the past couple of weeks, and so today was the first day back and I wanted to get on here ASAP to give everyone an update!!! Sooo here's the deal. Yes, it said that next week's episode is the season finale, but as you can tell by the wording, NBC didn't say SERIES Finale!! Which means there is still a shot that Lipstick Jungle could be coming back sometime soon. But it all comes down to ratings. We've been told by folks at the network, that in order to get more episodes, our ratings have to go up ONE MORE SHARE. What does that mean you ask? Well, this past friday's episode, we scored a 2.9/5 rating (which is up from our last airing on 12/12! Yay!). But in order for NBC to want to order more eps, we have to get a 6 instead of a 5 this week. IF we do that, there's a chance that you will see new episodes of Lipstick Jungle. If we can't get that number, the future is not looking pretty. So I'm asking everyone who loves this show and wants to see more episodes in the future to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get as many people as you can to tune in LIVE this Friday night for our season finale! There are so many more stories that we want to tell, but we can't do it unless we knock it out of the park this Friday!! TUNE IN LIVE FRIDAY at 9PM WATCH PAST EPISODES ON NBC.COM RIGHT NOW!!! Love,
The Lipstick Jungle Team :-)


Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Victory: Why are you emailing Joe Bennett? Does he own this building?
Dalhia: Well technically he owns this whole block.

You got nothing to be ashamed, you're here to dress a movie star, she's here to find something to cover arm fat.