Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick Reunite ... on Set

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We've seen just about every combination of Gossip Girl stars filming in the past week or so: Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick playing basketball, Chace and Leighton Meester strolling and smooching, then Ed and Blake Lively chatting it up.

Now here's a fan favorite couple together again ... at least in this scene:

Chair Scene!

What do you think Chuck and Blair are up to here?

Share your theories, and click to enlarge tons more pictures of Ed and Leighton as Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf in scenes from a future Gossip Girl episode ...

Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick Photo
Leighton and Ed Pic
Ed and Leighton Photo
OMG Chair!
Ed in Character
E-Dubs Pic
Ready For a Scene
The Queen BW
A Coffee Break
Ms. Blair
Leighton on the Set
A Lovely Leighton
Leighton in Black
Oh, What a Cutie

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Kathy, because GG got signed on for a third season doesn't mean we won't get Chuck/Blair as a couple this season. I do think this episode is the start of a CB reunion
finally, we've been waiting all season long and we'll get what EVERYONE has been waiting for


I think this means they're getting together... maybe she needs to get over her whole "new Blair" as she says in the promo and gets back to her old self, then they eventually get together. Did Protein Shake (who I believe) say on Fanpop that both of them need to get through things themselves before getting together? I think this is Blair's thing that she needs to get over.
You know she loves him.


I dunno but i hopeee they stay togetherrrrrr!! I love them together they're a perfectt match!!


I do think that Leighton did film a different scene earlier. Then she and Ed rehearsed, she changed and they shot the scenes with limo.


they're not two diff scenes. the day one is a rehearsal for setting up od camera. as if balir would wear that lumpy balck coat. if you'll notice in one of the day ones she's holding up her hand exactly the same way she does when at nigth sh's holding her phone. they're spotting


OMG! What if they're trying to get back at Georgina for what ever she did or will do!!!


has anyone else noticed that it's two different scenes? bcuz half of them are in the day and half are at night.


Limo love!


Chuck and Blair at their best...scheming!


CB is back.... finally


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