Trust Me Preview: "Promises, Promises"

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Starting next week, TNT's Trust Me moves to Tuesdays at 10 pm instead of its old Monday slot.  The first episode airing in the new slot, "Promises, Promises" looks like a great one from the clip we have below.

In this clip, Sarah has first day with her new partner and things aren't off to the bed start.  When Tom heads down to Cochrin's floor, he discovers a printout that shows the group is working on creative for Chicago's Olympic Bid.  That can't be good for the Mink Group.

Watch the Trust Me preview clip below:

[video url="/videos/promises-promises-clip/" title="Promises, Promises Clip"] [/video]

Oh and did we mention we put up quotes from "Way Beyond the Call"?

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Trust Me Quotes

Conner: You need to get this boat.
Mason: I can't afford it.
Conner: Be a good American and finance it.

You've been carrying me? I've been carrying you so long I have scoliosis

Mason [to Conner]