Two and a Half Men Recap: "I'd Like to Start with the Cat"

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Last night's Two and a Half Men returned more to the standard formula the show does so well.  Charlie had problems with commitment to his latest woman, Chelsea, and went to the always hilarious Dr. Freeman for a little therapy for it.

Charlie and Chelsea

What set this episode apart was a hilarious Alan loving the fact that it's Charlie going through couples counseling and getting dumped this time around.  Find out what happened in our quick "I'd Like to Start with the Cat" recap.

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Two and a Half Men Quotes

Charlie: I understand you teachers are sadly underpaid.
Miss Tuttle: That's very true.
Charlie: Well, I'd like to do my part. Can I buy you dinner?

Yeah, hi. I'm watching your commercial cash for gold and you just showed a woman selling her wedding ring for $500. No, I don't want to sell gold, I want to meet her. She's hot and we know her marriage isn't working out.