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1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

Blair to dorota: "you know how hard it is to get revenge when your enemy is changing every five minutes!"

2. Will the revelation that people hate and are out to get her transform the Blair Waldorf we know and love? What will be her next move?

I'm not really loving blair right know, the last 3 eps. i found kind of annoying, she's been acting way to bratty...So, yeah a change'd be welcomed, IMO.

3. Bigger plot hole: Blair being negged from Yale for a relatively minor incident, or anything involving Vanessa?

The yale sl never made sense and i'm guessing it'll end not making sense, but i give a pass since it'll allow for all the characters to stay in NY (i think)
As for vanessa and know i'm the minority but i like her character and i like the story with nate, they're not the best couple ever but they're cute! Plus i don't think it's that strange for her to hang out at the school where both her bf and her bff go to...

4. Should Carter Baizen stick around for awhile?

NO. He seams like a very nice guy in real life, but i don't think he's character is charismatic enough to be a interesting villain...
I say give his airtime to eric!:)

5. Who are you happier to be rid of: Rachel or Elle?

Definitely Elle. Stupidest sl ever!

BONUS QUESTION: In light of all the recent Gossip Girl spoilers and photos circulating online, we have to ask: Chuck and Blair or Nate and Blair?

Chair all the way!!!


This was good! The last question I say Chair. And I have a green appletini waiting for me.

xo, xo!


bonus question:
chair without a doubt (:


lol nate is once again in a love triangle. i mean in the book wasn't he in the main triangle: serena, blair and him? now it's chuck blair and him. gotta love his ability to keep the drama going. yes this will be a love triangle for the ages.

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