Jessica Szohr is a Lucky Girl

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Gossip Girl actress Jessica Szohr (Vanessa Abrams) appears on the April 2009 cover of Lucky Magazine, which is due to be released tomorrow, March 10.

When the 23-year-old Jessica arrived at the mag’s Manhattan studio, it was clear that her tiny Lhasa Apso puppy, Watson, was at home in the spotlight.

Lucky Girl

“(Gossip Girl co-stars) Blake Lively and Leighton Meester usually bring their dogs to work, so there are animals everywhere,” explained Jessica Szohr.

The gorgeous Wisconsin native, who's been linked to co-star Ed Westwick in real life, is as relaxed about her personal style as she is about her dog:

“I’m a total thrift-store junkie and always have been .... Most of my closet is secondhand. I’m just starting to add a few designer pieces here and there.”

Click to enlarge two more Jessica Szohr photos from the mag:

Jessica in Lucky
Jessica Szohr in Lucky Magazine

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shes really beautiful in the 1st pic, i luv her!


i hate her style as Vanessa but these pics are gorgeous!!!


ok i admit i am not vanessa's biggest fan BUT i love jessica she is so pretty and sweet and has a very HOT boyfriend i might add, i don't think people should hate on Jess because you hate V i mean grow up already!!!


another thing,
look closely at Jessica's eyes, i wish mine were that colour! they're like husky's, really pretty. Oh and to Jessica.S fan whoever, don't hate Leighton 'cos some of her fans are idiots.
But i still appreciate your opinion! :D


To be honest, Jessica and Ed's relationship is cool with me.
I love Leighton and Ed - but just 'cos they're characters are in love and have loads of history and that doesn't mean that the actor's should date 'cos they're characters are.
If that makes any sense. I happen to think Jessica is really pretty, especially now that she has long hair. Don't hate her 'cos she's with Ed.
And don't hate me 'cos of my opinion. CHAIR FOREVER - though.


ok, so vanessa is not my favorite character, and she is annoying, but that's good in a way, it makes it interestting. you cant like all the characters or there is no conflict! as for the actress, we don't know her and it's silly to say something about 'what she's like'. she is really pretty of course. that photo shoot , however, looked kinda bad, and that's probably not her fault. other people pick out the clothes for her.


BLAIR why don't you grow up. honestly, are you blind? have you SEEN all the hate she's gotten just for hating ed westwick? jess is a nice girl, and leighton, blake, taylor, ed, penn and chase have gotten 1000 covers, so jess can't even have one little cover of a not-that-well-know mag? come one, leigh already got seventeen, blake got vogue, taylor got cosmogirl the boys got that photoshoot, jess deserves something too people only like leighton coz of blair. eg; if leighton wears a hideous outfit "she's just trying something different, being original, she can pull it off" if jessica/taylor wears a hideous outfit "ewwwwww omg she is so gross she knows nothing about fashion, etc, etc. i have actually heared that situation so many times!


AND to you BLAIR; Go and F*CK yourself! your comment made me so angry! You're really mean! Why shouldn't Jess get creds for her work? She's pretty and sweet AND she's a part of one of the BIGGEST TVSERIE. If she was a BAD actress she wouldn't even be in the show! OMG you're so stupid. And she's not popular only because she's Ed's girlfriend..please, that's the dumbest excuse I've ever heard!
How old are you? 8? 10? A typical 14 years old bitch?


I think Chanessa is one of the worst things spawned, like, ever! But I think Jessica's awesome AND a good actress AND it's supercool she's dating Ed Westwick. I don't know why people hate her. Sure she's not as good an actress as Leighton, but I think she could do as well as Blake, and just because Vanessa's boring, doesn't mean Jessica's.


OMG People. Who are you to judge?! She's a beautiful person. I must say. She looks so hot with her hair straight! Really!
Her role in Gossip Girl isn't my favorite, but maybe she will change into a better person? Chuck's a whole new person. Remember how he acted in season 1? All he cared about was money, women and Nate. And then came love and changed it. I think you people are jealous because she's Ed's girlfriend.
Stop wasting your time on hating! It's so stupid! Makes me sick!

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