Jessica Szohr is a Lucky Girl

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Gossip Girl actress Jessica Szohr (Vanessa Abrams) appears on the April 2009 cover of Lucky Magazine, which is due to be released tomorrow, March 10.

When the 23-year-old Jessica arrived at the mag’s Manhattan studio, it was clear that her tiny Lhasa Apso puppy, Watson, was at home in the spotlight.

Lucky Girl

“(Gossip Girl co-stars) Blake Lively and Leighton Meester usually bring their dogs to work, so there are animals everywhere,” explained Jessica Szohr.

The gorgeous Wisconsin native, who's been linked to co-star Ed Westwick in real life, is as relaxed about her personal style as she is about her dog:

“I’m a total thrift-store junkie and always have been .... Most of my closet is secondhand. I’m just starting to add a few designer pieces here and there.”

Click to enlarge two more Jessica Szohr photos from the mag:

Jessica in Lucky
Jessica Szohr in Lucky Magazine

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Really, well, after reading this forum im pretty sure that the majority of blair/leighton fans need to grow the fuck up, they can't stand anyone getting attetention other than their precious little leighton, they can't stand any other charactors having screen time except B/C, they think everyother girl is hideous compared to their plain looking little hero, they fucking worship the ground of an actor who's done one fucking thing, they call her their 'idol' but what has she ever done to be idolised?


It's not only with Jessica/V. It's also with Taylor/J and Blake/S. I'm generally okay with Leighton/B fans' but Ohmyg, the Leighton fans in this sites are usually downright hostile when it comes to anything other than Leighton/B or Chair. And that is such a turn off. Sadly GG has become quite the soap opera. I used to like it in S1 and mid of S2.


K darling,
that not gonna happen.


I have a question for all the ppl who are hating.... what if when gossip girl had started out jessica was cast as blair and leighton, vanessa... how the hell do you guy think u would have reacted to leighton?...You ppl seriously need to grow up...I mean who she play in gossip girl doesn't reflect who she is or isn't off the stop bashing on her!


firstly i'll ignore the comment made by Jessica.S fan. i'm gonna hope all all Jessica S fans are NOT that crude!! i agree with most people by saying she is beautiful indeed BUT i am entitled to an opinion as are all you people on this site. i DO NOT HATE JESSICA. I STRONGLY DISLIKE HER CHARACTER (VANESSA)and as a Result it makes me question whether or not she is a good actor? my conclusion is she is not a good actor but yours may be different!! i heard her role is going to get bigger in up coming episodes and therefore i will stay open minded and her character progression could lead to me liking her. as for the mag covers- her few lines on GG cannot make her that popular- why not have Taylor(Jenny)grace the covers of Lucky. I therfore attribute her sudden increase in popularity to her 'dating'Ed Westwick( and alot of credit to her beauty minus acting skills). BUT EVEN THOUGH I SEEM TO BE REALLY NEGATIVE TOWARDS HER I REALLY DO THINK SHE MUST HAVE AN AWESOME PERSONALITY IN REAL LIFE!!!


I agree Blessy. I agree.
I think she's gorgeous. I especially love her long hair. I love V too.I think Leighton is and will always be my favorite though.


common guys.. i not really like her character on GG but Jess is pretty and nice.. I'm not a fans of her but.. i just not hate her


I'm not bashing jessica or anything but sometimes even if people don't hate the actress, they may start getting annoyed with her based on how her fans react.


I always said she was the prettiest female cast member.
Oh and yes, BLAIR, she's not getting the attention because she's a hot young actress on a successful show, she's getting it because she's datin Ed Westwick. Because Ed Westwick is that famous *rolls eyes*.


i dont think she's very pretty.

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