Better Off Ted Spoilers: A Medieval Fight

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Fans of Ted and Linda on Better Off Ted may be a little disappointed to learn that the couple will still be kept apart by the love triangle involving their beautiful boss, Veronica.

According to the show's star, Jay Harrington told E! Online, "Linda and Ted try to figure out if it's right for them, and Veronica puts in her two cents, which usually adds up to 20 cents."

Ted and Linda Discuss

Though Jay offered us the hilarious insight into the future of the season saying, "I just lost my identity, and then we have a fight club that happens in the basement for Phil and Lem, but it's medieval. There are a lot of knaves and knights and princesses. Rose is out of town, so Ted gets involved. It's some pretty funny stuff."

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Better Off Ted Quotes

Janet: The company doesn't make mistakes.
Ted: What about that memo announcing "Casual Fribsday"?
Janet: The company said that wasn't a mistake. They explained that the ancient Mayans prophesied Fribsday--the first ever eighth day of the week which will occur in 2024. Which the company believes should be celebrated casually. I'm going to wear a denim pantsuit.
Ted: And when they urged all employees to "carpoop"?
Janet: That wasn't mandatory. Thank God.
Ted: Although we did find out what people would do to park slightly closer to the building.

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