The Return of Better Off Ted!

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Thanks to ABC, summer programming won't consist solely of reality TV and episodes of already-canceled programs.

Better Off Ted returns tonight with the first of six new episodes. The comedy, which will return for a second season this fall,  comes back this evening with an installment that weighs the idea of whether a boss can also be a friend.

During the half hour, Veronica shares far too much about her personal live with Linda and Ted. Here's a clip:

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As for the next six weeks, star Jay Harrison dished on what fans can expect to see:

We get a chance to see a little bit of Portia's dual life. We develop a technology that scans photos -- instead of finding text like Google does, it's more of facial recognition. So anything that's been on the Internet forever comes up.

We use her as an example in the meeting and we find a peculiar position, sort of a moonlighting gig that she's been doing. [Laughs] It's not as nefarious as it sounds. It's more of a relationship she may or may not have had with a magician. So we get to see a different side of Portia's character, which is nice.

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