Entourage Recap: "Amongst Friends"

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On last night's Entourage, Vince's new movie, Gatsby, had its big premiere party.  With it came the necessity for our favorite boys to alll scramble to find some dates.

E and Sloan at Premiere

Find out what happened when Eric decided to take Sloan as his date in our "Amongst Friends" recap.

Now for some of our favorite Entourage quotes from the episode.

Andrew: I have a proposition for you.
Ari: A wife swap tonight, how's the misses looking these days?
Andrew: Not bad, but I'm talking about Lizzy Grant..
Ari: The junior agent with the great ass. Is she offering it up? | permalink
Ari [to Andrew about Lizzy]: At the end of the day, she' just another young girl trying to make a name for herself and you're just another old f**k that's going to need to take a pill to keep up with her | permalink
Ari [leaving dinner]: You need some cash?
Mrs Ari: I am not a hooker.
Ari: Oh, but what a good one you would be! | permalink

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