Lisa Edelstein Pushes for More Cuddy Sex

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We're just hours away from the two-hour season premiere of House.

Fans of Lisa Edelstein should be prepared, however: the opening episode focuses on House's time in a mental asylum. Wilson is the only regular character featured during the movie-like introduction to season six.

Still, Edelstein and company will return next week. In an interview with TV Guide, she previewed the weeks ahead:

On where we kick off: The beginning of this season is really about House trying to find a sense of recovery from himself. He's most likely doomed to fail in that regard, but that's where we're at right now in terms of what's happening in the season.

Cuddy and House

On the team: The team is particularly insecure. Even though they all know they're smart, nobody feels quite as smart as House. So there's a lot of second-guessing going on on the team. When you have such an overbearing father, in a sense, it's really hard to know when you can think for yourself. Learning how to think on your own two feet is a challenge when somebody is making all the decisions for you. They're all kind of faced with that.

On Cuddy: This year, Cuddy is really trying to step out a little bit and get her own life and a love life and try not to be so down and up with House, which of course will probably make him go for her even more. I think there's a lot of exploration going on with that. She should get to sleep with somebody else too. All's fair in love and war.

According to the latest spoilers and rumors, Cuddy will, indeed, see action between the sheets with another character.

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