Thorsten Kaye: Exiting All My Children

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All My Children is moving to Los Angeles.

As a result, the Internet has been rumbling with rumors of which stars will - and, more importantly - will not make the move to the West Coast.

Now, the series has confirmed the status of its main cast. The following actors/actresses will all be heading across the country to continue filiming the series:

  • Susan Lucci (Erica)
  • David Canary (Adam)
  • Michael E. Knight (Tad)
  • Vincent Irizarry (David)
  • Debbi Morgan (Angie)
  • Darnell Williams (Jesse)

The biggest name not relocating? Thorsten Kaye, pictured.

The actor tape his final scenes as Zach over the next few days, while the show is still based in New York.

Thorsten Kaye Photo
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Please Zach come back. You are such a good actor and friend. You made my day just to see you. I look forward to hopefully you returning.


Ohhh No it can't be true. Zach was the only interesting male character on that show. I have been watching since 1981 and for many years now I have been so bored with it except for Zach's character. If I have to be subjected to more Greenlee and Ryan, I know my days of watching AMC have come to an end! I think it is about time!


Come back Thorsten, we miss you!! AMC is not the same without you!!


It's a shame that ABC opted to move to Los Angeles and lose Thorsten Kaye, one of the more talented, interesting actors on AMC. I sincerely ABC can figure out a why to keep 'Zack' on the show. He's best bad 'good guy' on daytime TV.


Without Thorsten the show will not be the same, it will truly be boring because the storyline of Adam, Annie, and David are extremely boring, I DVR it so that I can skip to the scenes of Thorsten and Alicia because all of the other storylines are too unrealistic.


As someone who started watching AMC in 1974.....It is SAD to see how pathetic the show is now compared to then. I don't believe the move will help the show quality wise. I hope they will do SOMETHING to revive the quality of the show...more likable characters, better stories etc. I was very happy a couple of years ago when the serial killer was killing off all those whiny, unlikable characters. Unfortunately they have been replaced with more of the same. Advice to the Powers that be: people over 40 have lives too...the show used to reflect main characters that were not all little barbie dolls, with characters that were into their sixties having major storylines....try that formula again.


I HOPE Thorsten doesn't really leave AMC, the show would SUCK without him. Why would us ladies even watch it anymore?

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