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Cougar Town Review: "You Wreck Me"

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We know the rest of the web seems to disagree, but we really think that Cougar Town, like wine and its gorgeous star, has been getting better with age.

As with the last couple episodes, last the show continued to explore more of the supporting characters as more than just one-bit jokes.  In particular, this episode belonged to Bobby.

Grayson Breaks the Record

Previously, Bobby was the lamest excuse for an ex-husband.  Really, who would have even believed that Jules married that joke?

With last night's episode, Bobby showed he was actually a real person.  With Bobby being a real person who just puts on that positive attitude, suddenly he's no longer irritating.  He's actually funny and lovable.

Anyways, enough about Bobby.  There are still other characters.  Like the main one.  You can read all about their events in our "You Wreck Me" recap.  Now it's time for some Cougar Town quotes from the episode!

Travis: Hey mom look what Donny drew. He mostly draws snakes doing horrible things to women, though this one looks consensual
Jules: She does't look happy, Travis | permalink
Ellie: If you don't stop with the hazelnut, I'm gonna make my own coffee
Jules: No you won't
Elie: You're right, even saying it was too much work | permalink
Ellie [about Josh]: He kisses with a perfect seal around you mouth like he's trying to suck your brains out
Jules: I know, but he's gotten so much better
Ellie: That's better?
Josh: I'm gonna get us some more drinks | permalink

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