Balthazar Getty Angling For Brothers & Sisters Return

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Tommy Walker was a key character on Brothers & Sisters until the end of last season, when he went off the deep end professionally and would up in seclusion in Mexico.

This somewhat strange plot development coincided with actor Balthazar Getty falling out of favor, supposedly, with the show's cast and crew, amid personal drama.

Getty was never taken off the show's credits, however, and we just saw Tommy make a surprise appearance two episodes ago, only to bolt for Seattle at the end.

What is up with this guy?

According to TV Guide, the once-embattled star is looking to have his full-time, series-regular status restored next season and is in talks with ABC to make it so.

“That’s what we’re talking about,” Getty said from the set, where - spoiler alert - he's making another cameo for Justin and Rebecca’s December 6 wedding episode.

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“I’ve made some suggestions, and they’re working out what’s best for the show. At the end of the year, everybody will sit down. I’ve made a commitment to this show."

If there was once bad blood between Balthazar and the cast, it seems to have passed.

“It’s great having Balty back,” co-star Calista Flockhart, who shined on last night's episode, "The Wig Party," said. “I love him, and it makes me happy when he’s here.”

Executive producer Alison Schapker claims that the series, now in Season Four, always planned to have Tommy “leave the family, as siblings do, but to one day return.”

Prospects appear less bright for Tommy’s estranged wife, Julia (Sarah Jane Morris). Instead, new show runner David Marshall Grant is planning a new love interest for him.

In typical incestuous style, rumor has it that will be Holly’s kid sister. Awkward!

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