Coming to The Vampire Diaries: Taylor Swift?!?

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Brace yourselves, Vampire Diaries viewers. Producer Kevin Williamson is teasing some possibly fangtastic news...

Asked about his dream guest star, Williamson pointed to the most popular singer on the planet in an interview with E! News this week. He said:

"I'm desperate to have [Taylor Swift] come play a vampire. Wouldn't she make an amazing Kirsten Dunst circa Interview With the Vampire type? I cannot tell you how hard I'm trying to get her - I would kill to have her on the show!"

Do you feel the same? Would you wanna see Swift appear on The Vampire Diaries?

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As for former character, Kayla Ewell hinted that Vicki might not be as dead as she seems.

"I'm still under contract," she said. "But that's all I can say... We'll see what happens."

Williamson has been clear that Vicki won't be rescurrected, but you never know. After all, did anyone expect to see Logan's smiling face wrap up the most recent episode?

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I think you are the beautiful as rainbow in the sky.Taylor cute as the barbie...


OMG you hav 2 put Taylor on da show she got da exsact hot luks 2 play a vampire (definately a evil one) she iz hot she can act n she iz da best. Luv ya Taylor:) xx


Yes you need to put her on there. She would be the perfect Vampire gilr. She is soo Beautiful and would be perfect. Dont listen to people who say she should'nt she realllyyyyy should!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Vampire Diaries and Taylor combined....... Taylor + Vampire Diaries = Awesomest show ever HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


No....please,please don't put her on the series! I used to really like Taylor Swift, but now she is everywhere and it's getting a little annoying. I think it would overexpose her if she's on the show. Why does every young celeberity have to be everything (singer, acter, dancer, etc...)? Its just dumb. She's already a majorly successful as a singer and she should stick to that.


That would be amazing! What a sexy vampire! Maybe even a sexier vampire slayer and friend of Alaric of past girlfriend, that would also give the cw their triangle.


hey guys that last comment was a joke im really exited for her being on the show that was my friend just tricking up i really hope she gets it


i think taylor is not a great idea she is a faggot and i hope she dies hahaha stay away from my taylor BITCH


i think it would be awesome to have taylor swift be in an episode
ever since vicki left the show there has been a small gap in between the line of characters and taylor is perfect for filling that gap, it would be cool to see what would happen with her on the show, ya its a gr8 idea!!!


i think taylor swift would suck as a vampire.


I actually like the idea of Taylor being on the show - she does have that kind of look Claudia did in Interview With The Vampire, it'd be great! And Vicki, I doubt they'll resurrect her, it will probably be more flash back stuff or maybe Jeremy will start remembering and he'll dream about her... Simi, I think when Stefan shot him, and Damon bit him, he was dead but then Vicki fed on him and maybe some of her blood mixed with his? I hope they explain it, it was so unexpected!

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