Melrose Place Videos: Amanda Teaser, Episode Trailer

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Hey, did you hear that Heather Locklear is returning to Melrose Place in the role of Amanda Woodward?!?

While that casting news is well-known at this point, fans of the series should also be excited to know that it will focus heavily on Amanda over the next couple months.

The CW certainly isn't shy about advertising her return, which takes place on November 17. This is the latest teaser commercial it's been airing:

[video url="" title="Amanda Woodward Promo"] [/video]

Of course, there is still one more hour of Melrose Place to go before Amanda returns. The episode "Ocean" airs next week.

According to the promo below, the Jonah/Riley relationship is truly on its last legs. Will Ella be there for the former when it finally topples? Follow the jump and see what we mean...

[video url="" title="Ocean Trailer"] [/video]

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yeah, finally Ella and Jonah! lol. but, david and lauren also make their own things. i saw on another clip promo. i know they'll hook up. after so many things done.
so... the chain is: Violet-Auggie-Riley-Jonah-Ella-David-Lauren. because violet and auggie will gone, the chain is continued to Lauren and Gavin (nick zano). yeah! anyway, i want David still have some chemistry with Ella.


1st - LOVE ELLA :) my favourite character after Auggie of course
2nd - FINALLY Jonah & Riley are on the rocks, I don't like them together
3rd - FINALLY, again, the Jonah & Ella hook up, I've been waiting for that since episode 1 :)
4th - Not that excited that Heather Locklear is coming back, maybe my opinion will change can't wait for next week!


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