Private Practice Review: "Sins of the Father"

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After an episode last week that felt a little over-dramatic and hokey at times, Private Practice returned to form last night. Also returning? The Captain. Addison's dad.

She was clearly shaken by the unwelcome arrival of her father, but Cooper was in even more dire straits after being arrested when he refuses to cooperate in a case.

Meanwhile, Pete fought to keep a terminally ill patient alive long enough for him to meet his new daughter. Addison, Pete and Cooper all really shined last night.

If you missed "Sins of the Father," follow the link for our recap. Now, a look at the major developments that took place and why we felt they worked so well (or didn't) ...

Aye, Captain: Addison is a rich trust fund brat who blames her problems on the man who provided said trust fund. Eh, we'll buy it. Money can't solve everything.

On the flip side, she's just doing what her father did and admitting fault. She certainly has a right to be mad, from what it sounds like she went through as a kid.

Still, blaming her cheating on Derek on her dad? That's a bit of a stretch. Then saying he's not family, because  the people she works with are. Yikes, that's harsh.

It also paints her kiss with Sam last week in a new light. Maybe she does consider him family. In any case, this Captain story is far from over, and we're intrigued.

Addison and Father

Addison and her father aren't exactly on the best terms.

Dude, you're getting a Dell: This is true if your name is Betsey ... or Heather! That's right, Dell's back, and married. To Heather. Everyone understandable tweeks.

Violet and Naomi stage an intervention, but Dell's not having it. He says he loves Betsey, but he got married because of Heather alone, not just for their daughter.

Oh, Dell. You and your relentless idealism may be naive at times, but you're a breath of fresh air on this show and TV. If only Chris Lowell had a bigger role on PP!

He won't back down: The focal point of the episode, without question, is Cooper, who stands his ground when Evan's mom shows up demanding to know where he is.

Cooper ends up in jail, but he ain't talking. Talk about steadfast dedication to his patient. This ties into ongoing personal drama with Charlotte and their non-wedding.

Again, Coop says he's in the right when Addison sells him out protect him and the practice, as he tells her it's not the same just because they protected what they love.

In Addison's defense, she did end up saving the kid and clearing a wrongly-accused man. But does that mean Coop was in the wrong? Team Addy or Team Cooper?

The extra mile: Pete suggests Addison deliver a baby six weeks early so an ailing father can meet her, and the mother can one day say her dad held and loved her.

Addison won't until Pete plays the Lucas card. Pretty low, but it definitely worked - and everybody won in the end. We'd have gone for it too, who are we kidding!

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The only good thing about this episode was Addison. She was right and was the hero in the story. The scenes with her father were fantastic. Kate Walsh is amazing. To everyone saying she had no right to get involved, Yes she did. She is the leader of the practice. Charlotte made it her business when she told her. As leader of the practice, she did the right thing. Violet is trash for sleeping with Addison's father. Violet is the worst mother ever.


Yeah, true that. Violet could sleep with everyone and I'd still love her! Ha ha. And I'm pretty sure Pete would too. But I agree with whoever said there might be an actual reason. I have no idea what would drive her to do that guy but maybe...haha! I just hate that this will set back her reunion with Pete a few more episodes. Cooper and Addison, that was...absurd. Addison really had no reason to be involved, other than Charlotte told her. Cooper, what was he thinking? I did gain more respect for Charlotte in the episod though. And Dell married Heather? I wish that hadn't happened. I bet she will cave into drugs again.


Okay, I always like PrP and I love all the characters. Yes, I love Charlotte and Cooper and Violet and Pete a bit more than the rest, but I agree, Cooper was wrong to hide that boy. He should have just reported the abuse last season. Violet...oh my..I love that character, so I am really hoping that she sleeps with Addison's dad for a damn good reason. I don't know why Shonda would repeat storylines and make her sleep around again. Besides, the Captain is creepy and weasely.And I am so tired of waiting for Pete and Violet to reunite! Come on! So why did Sam and Addison kiss in the last episode? I mean...what was the point? I don't want them together, but I am just curious. I want them to bring in a great new doctor for Addison. Like so many others, I am way over Addie and Pete. I became a die hard Pete and Violet fan.


I still love Violet. Addison had to save her life, she's a doctor. I love how screwed up Violet is. I will always be a Pete and Violet fan. I believe both Addison and Cooper were wrong. Evan was not her patient, she should not be involved. And Cooper should have reported suspected abuse a long time ago. In my opinion, the best scenes were of Charlotte. There weren't enough of Naomi,Violet, and Dell.


How was Addison wrong ??? If you suspect abuse you report it to the authorities and let justice take it's course. Who made Cooper the judge ?? He was happy to leave an ill boy homeless and an innocent man tarred as a child abuser !! Not to mention threatening the entire practice with a lawsuit. In what way is that right ?? MADNESS. Terrible episode after last week's excellent one. Only highlights were the very few scenes between Addison and her father. What a piece of work, making his 10 year old daughter lie to her mother when he's screwing her nanny, tutor etc etc. And still up to the same old tricks. Violet is a selfish idiot who looks like cementing herself as the most unlikeable character on the show next episode. Nice way to repay Addison for saving your life and your baby, by sleeping with her father. Lost 21% of the audience from last week to mark a season low. Not a surprise.


My biggest question/statement over last night's episode is WTF?! The promo! Why is Violet in bed with the Captain!? I love her and Pete...this will only take them longer to get back together! I'm so tired of waiting! I miss Violet and Pete!! And I thought both COoper and Addison were wrong. That whole thing was just ridiculous. I had a feeling that kid was lying. The only one that shined in that story, with the kidnapped boy, was Charlotte. And I don't want Dell with Heather! I'm sure she can change, but I just don't like her. I want Dell with someone better.


I am a Naomi fan and want her to have more stories! I hate that doctor in the wheelchair! And come on people, Addison and Pete?? That was so season one. Hell no! Violet and Pete are waaaay better. And I about sh*t when I saw her with addison's dad! Amy Brenneman tweeted that it's a good thing. But I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how! Now her and Pete being a family with Lucus will take til like the end of the season! Cooper, I'm not surprised he did that. But I am surprised that Charlotte didn't spill the beans. I like her a tad bit more each episode.


NO TO ADDISON AND PETE! That died sooo long ago! He and Violet should be together bc they are so dysfunctional and I love it! But holy hell! Her and the Captain!? What!? I adore Violet and can't fathom that. I hope there is something bigger behind that than her just sleeping around again. I really liked Charlotte tonight! Her reaction to bruised Cooper was heartbreaking. He was kind of wrong, but Addison was worse. Some say Violet gets involved with others' problems...It was not Addison's place to do that.


Great episode. Not over dramatic like the last one, but still there was enough drama. I agree with everyone that Cooper is an ass. The way he treats Charlotte is horrible. He blames her for just everything. Violet is annoying the hell out of me. I get it that she is damaged, but the way she acts and puts her nose into everybody's life is irritating. She should focus on her own life and her own choices and get some therapy.
I hope that Pete will never take her back. I agree that Violet doesn't deserve him. The guy tries to be a good father and he still waits for her despite the fact that she totally ignores him and doesn't even try to get some help. Unfortunately it seems that writers want to put them back together and I don't like it. But still, despite a few annoying characters, I liked the episode. I even liked medical case, and I usually don't care about medicine on this show. I'm more interested in personal drama. I agree that Cooper, Addison and Pete shined through the episode. Cooper may be annoying character, but Paul Adelstein did a good job. Tim Daly was great as always in all his scenes, and KaDee did a fine job in her dramatic scenes as well. I can't believe how this show improved. I didn't like the two previous seasons, with the exception of a few episodes, but this season is really good.


I liked this episode. Kate is a fantastic actress. Loved the scene at the restaurant, it was amazing and the last scene with Addie and her dad, so many mixed emotions. I love Charlotte, Cooper is an ass. I want Addie and Pete to get together!

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