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Addison's father, "the Captain," shows up and turns her whole world upside down.

She blames her cheating on Derek on him, though, and tells him she's not his family, because the people she works with are.

Heather, a patient we've seen before, returns. As does Dell. He's married now. To Heather. Everyone at the practice freaks, and Violet and Naomi stage an intervention.

Then Violet visits Heather. Dell yells at her, and says what we've all been thinking - how she hasn't been there for her own son, how she left Pete, etc.

He says he loves Betsy, but he did this because he loves Heather.

Meanwhile, Charlotte's still in the doghouse after having lied about being married before, then Cooper turns out to be the liar when Evan's mom shows up demanding to know where his son is.

Cooper does know, but since Evan said his stepdad abused him, there's no way he's telling.

He even goes to jail and gets beaten up, but still won't talk. Facing 5-10 years in prison? Still not talking.

Charlotte becomes his accomplice, but Addison gives them up, and Evan's dad gets arrested.

Evan then stabs himself and admits to Charlotte that his stepdad never abused him; he just did it to bring his parents back together.

She tells Cooper and they have a big fight, then she opens her heart up and explains why she lied, and he brings up the almost wedding, which is even worse now that he knows there was one before.

When Addison tries to tell him she told to protect him and the practice, he tells her he gets she thinks they did the same thing (protecting those they love), but that she's wrong and he was right.

There's also a patient(s)-of-the-week storyline in which a pregnant woman wants her dying husband to meet the baby.

The cancer patient is Pete's, and he thinks positive thinking is the key, but Fife has an experimental treatment to try.

When it doesn't work, he suggests Addison deliver the baby six weeks early so the father can meet her, and the mother can one day tell her that her dad held her and loved her.

Addison balks until Pete convinces her by playing the Lucas card. It works and there's happiness all around for the baby, dying dad, and mom.

Naomi learns that underneath Fife's rough exterior is someone who cares about his patients.

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does anyone know the name of the actress who played evan's mom? evan is the boy with diabetes and the mom's name was lynn.




Great episode. Not over dramatic like the last one, but still there was enough drama. I agree with everyone that Cooper is an ass. The way he treats Charlotte is horrible. He blames her for just everything. Violet is annoying the hell out of me. I get it that she is damaged, but the way she acts and puts her nose into everybody's life is irritating. She should focus on her own life and her own choices and get some therapy.
I hope that Pete will never take her back. I agree that Violet doesn't deserve him. The guy tries to be a good father and he still waits for her despite the fact that she totally ignores him and doesn't even try to get some help. Unfortunately it seems that writers want to put them back together and I don't like it. But still, despite a few annoying characters, I liked the episode. I even liked medical case, and I usually don't care about medicine on this show. I'm more interested in personal drama. I agree that Cooper, Addison and Pete shined through the episode. Cooper may be annoying character, but Paul Adelstein did a good job. Tim Daly was great as always in all his scenes, and KaDee did a fine job in her dramatic scenes as well. I can't believe how this show improved. I didn't like the two previous seasons, with the exception of a few episodes, but this season is really good.


I so agree with you J. Cooper was an idiot last night. Addison was right. And wow.. her father is a truly whore. Yuck!! And Oh my god seriously?!! I am dreaming? I just saw the promo of the next episode!! What a disgusting person she is. I hope Pete doesn't take her back EVER!! She doesn't deserve him and his son! I really wish that Pete and Addison end up together. I loved them together since forever. Looks like a great episode. Can't wait!


I loved the parts with Addison/Father, Addison/Charlotte, and Addison/Sam. Addison did NOT blame him for her cheating. She only said she grew up and did the same thing. That is NOT blaming him. That is the truth. Addison has a right to be mad at her father. How would you like it if you father used you your whole childhood so he could have affairs and used you as a cover up? Addison should have let Cooper rot in jail. I can not stand him. I am so sick of this "Poor Little Cooper" and "Bad Addie/Bad Charlotte". He is a idiot. My two year old nephew thinks every animal is a dog. It is super cute, but I don't believe him. Cooper needs to learn there is a difference between trusting and just being a total idiot. He helped that father kidnapp a child without real proof of abuse. The kid was just a brat who didn't like step daddy. WTF? Addison was right. It is the courts decision and none of their business. Cooper can take his little speech to Addison and shove it up. Addison was actually being nice to him and opening up to him in the end. Jerk! I really loved the scenes between Addison and her father. Stephen Collins was a great choice. Kate Walsh rocked the restaurant scene with him. So her father basically slept everyone she knew even her nannies and she had to lie for him. The end scene was sweet with Addison trying. Charlotte needs to dump Cooper and find her a real man! Promo for the 2 Hour Private Practice Event Episode looks great. Looks like Addison's family drama will blow up with both her father and mother there. Poor Addison. Violet sleeps with her father. Violet is gross.