Round Table: "The Last Days of Disco Stick"

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Welcome to the Gossip Girl Insider Round Table!

With our The Last Days of Disco Stick" include classic quotes, the threesome aftermath, Lady Gaga and bad decisions by the show's blondes ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Olivia's multi-layered quote about V: "Boxing out is one of Vanessa's favorite activities." Regarding a threesome, this is a funny, pun-laden insult. Regarding basketball, it's a compliment.

Gossip Guy: "I'm Chuck Bass. Even Europeans must know what that means."

Mister Meester: Blair was such a snot this week, even for her. She rules! Among her best lines: "I don't converse with liars or Lewinskys." "Humphrey, this isn't terrible! "I have an army to build, a school to take over, girls to blackmail."

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2. Are you upset that Olivia's gone?

DANdy: Not really. Her O face never really did it for me.

Gossip Guy: No. Now every time I think of Olivia, nay Hillary Duff, I will conjure up images of Dan kissing Vanessa. Way to ruin a character I kind of liked for Dan.

Mister Meester: A little, but not too much. She's a cutie but the romance ran its course. Now we get to see Dan pine for BFF Vanessa, which is awesome ... right?

3. Lady Gaga's performance: Hit or miss?

DANdy: Miss. I love the Lady as much as the next fan of ridiculous costumes, but all musical performances on TV shows are lame. They just take up time. I can buy her music on iTunes or read about her rumored penis on The Hollywood Gossip.

Mister Meester: Hit. It went on a bit too long, but you have to love the effort that Gaga herself put into working with the writers on making her appearance a major component of the episode, not just your standard music-plugging cameo.

Gossip Guy: Miss. Is that woman a robot? Bring on my lip-syncing Britney Spears and her dance moves next episode.

4. Whose decision making is worse, Serena or Jenny?

Gossip Guy: Serena wins that title for the century. You just had the beautiful man bangs profess his love to you and you go for the married man? Good call, whore.

DANdy: Serena's. This is two weeks in a row she's gone without wearing a cleavage-revealing top! Who is making her wardrobe decisions?!?

Mister Meester: Jenny, though this unstable Upper East Sider learns from the best. She has like a 3.85 GPA at the Serena van der Woodsen School of Bad Decisions.

This is the Queen!

What the heck were you thinking, Jenny?

5. How awesome is Chuck?

Gossip Guy: Did you read my quote of the week? He's Chuck Bass! I think even you know what that means.

Mister Meester: It's a tribute to Ed Westwick's acting that somehow, Chuck as a loyal boyfriend to Blair, legitimate businessman and even brother-figure/protector of Jenny has worked so well this season. Props, Ed!

DANdy: Very. I'm so excited it's coming back to NBC!

BONUS QUESTION: Which couple would you prefer to see, Serenate or Stripp?

Mister Meester: Stripp. You can't beat that couple name. More importantly, Gossip Girl needs to get scandalous lose its moral compass, as we talked about last week. Married Congressman-elect nailing a teenager? That'll do it!

DANdy: Serenate, all the way. Ever since Nate Archi-balled Serena against that hotel bar, it was clear these two were meant for each other.

Gossip Guy: Duh, Serenate. Let's see, two best looking cast members getting together or Serena and some married dude. Home wrecker! Slut! Sorry, I have Tourette's.


What is your take on these hot Gossip Girl topics? Leave a comment with your answer(s). We want to know what you think!

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Gossip Girl 3.11 Promo #2 ''The Treasure of Serena Madre''


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
- HA for sure it was Chuck saying "I'm Chuck Bass. Even Europeans must know what that means." and Blair saying "Humphrey, this isn't terrible! "I have an army to build, a school to take over, girls to blackmail." Ha loved it.
2. Are you upset that Olivia's gone?
- Nah not really.
3. Lady Gaga's performance: Hit or miss?
- It was ok...I love her though :)
4. Whose decision making is worse, Serena or Jenny?
- By far Serena. Hello he is married and she's like what 17/18? Sums up when Blair called her a prostitute. HA...well even though she isn't REALLY one...invloving herself with a MARRIED CONGRESSMAN...need I say more?
5. How awesome is Chuck?
- OMFG I so LOVED him in the episode even though there wasn't a lot of him. He has matured so much. LOVE him.
BONUS QUESTION: Which couple would you prefer to see, Serenate or Stripp?
- Um Serenate.


I really hope that in the next episode when Nate asks Serena to stay, she will because she finally sees that she is in love with him. I can't believe that she blew him off when he was professing his love for her and when he made sure that she was okay all day.


TYLUV3, you are not alone. I prefer Darena too. And Blairfan22, you said everything about Serena. I would really love to see her maturing on her on, not going from one crazy thing to another, changing men. Above all, I don´t care much about who Serena sleeps with as long as we have lots of Chair scenes and drama (and, ye, Chair IS the best looking couple, at least in my opinion).


Personally, i watch the show bcoz of blake & chace .. without them im out for good .. so yeah! would love to see them get together of course but somehow this season 'Serena made me crazy bcoz she seems lost and confused, pissed me off' and her decision to walked away from Nate and left him alone in a bar after what he said ?!? .. I just hope that Nate will not giving up on her easily because she need some serious help .. She need his love to stop her from being silly !!! ..

Love s

Chairplay that is something that depends on each one, not all have the same tastes, but for me, yes! Serenate are the best looking couple on Gossip Girl.


I have never been a fan of man-bangs or Serena, and even I want them together! Screw, Tripp. Nate's confession to Serena gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, something that only happens when it comes to Chair!


imm soo happy that this episode began serenate again
iv been waiting for this to come back for forever
and i had no idea it was going to happen this episodee-what a pleasent suprise that spoilers didnt ruin it


yes this episode had everything i wanted. jenny being a bad ass, serena and nate are clearly going to hook up again and the chuck bass. best episode in a long time


With such awesome comments (and overall awesomeness)coming from Chuck...could we not see more of him??? And Blair with him please! Serena has some major issues. Someone slap that girl? A married man over Nate???

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Blair: My sexual tension radar is unparalleled.
Chuck: Point ceded.

As a famed literary critic once told Oprah, memory is subjective. It can be embellished or denied. But as James Fray knows all too well, the truth always comes out.

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