90210 Review: "Winter Wonderland"

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Really? 90210 called that its mid-season finale?!?

Before we get into the reasons why the show's cliffhangers and storylines didn't leave us on the edges of our seats, counting down the seconds until it returns, catch up on "Winter Wonderland" with our detailed episode guide. All set? Let's get to the review...

Jasper? More like Jas-BORE! We'd been waiting all season to find out how Annie's hit-and-run would play into her relationship with Jasper. But the show ignored this tidbit for months, creating a cliche-ridden scenario in which Annie dated the proverbial bad seed, ignoring all pleas about Jasper's true nature. Then, faced with accusations from his distraught girlfriend, Jasper simply says he knows about the accident?

Moreover, that's the final scene of 2009? Prior to a long hiatus, most shows try to leave viewers majorly hanging. But this scene didn't feel urgent in any way. We stopped caring about Annie a long time ago.

Liam and Teddy

An A for Adrianna: Conversely, this is one character we've fallen for. 90210 could easily have gone back to the drug-addiction well, sending Adrianna down another spiral toward oblivion. But it's played that card so many time, the storyline would not have felt fresh. It's been nice to see Adrianna actually mature, (hopefully) kick her habit for good and come through in a believable way in order to make up with her friends.

Also, Jessica Lowndes is the best actress in the 90210 cast. Great work from her each week.

A boat? Blah! So Liam is building a boat because his therapist says it's cathartic. Okay. Was anyone else incredibly disappointed by this reveal? The show has teased that tarp for weeks, but it's not clear why Liam was ever afraid to show it or why it should be a big deal to viewers at all.

Dixon and Silver and Teddy... oh my! This love triangle has potential, at least. Readers seem split over who Silver should choose, which reflects the character herself nicely. Do you take a risk with a new guy, or call back into what's comfortable?

Still, the show is lacking... something, isn't it? Naomi and Adrianna have both been made into more sympathetic characters this season. With Jen now out of the picture, the series is missing a villain; its storylines seem stale and not particularly exciting because there's no antagonist causing mischief. All soap operas need someone viewers love to hate.

The only storyline with any real drama involves Jasper and Annie, two characters that have been shoved into the background for so long that it's difficult to suddenly care about their future.

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jasper: i was just gonna get some books from my car but youre more than welcome to follow me there


and teddy wasn't a douche with the Adriana/navid stuff?!
he doesn't have is own SL is there to be there is totally boring and a totallly cliché 'blond guy, abs, player"= ken DOLLS
people are mad b/c doesn't tell the truth to Silver, and what? he realize he still have feelings for her I understand why he do that and team Sixon forever!
Dixon's character is totally different with season and people say he becomes a douche. . . He's just a teenager he act like a teenager that's it!
Silver/Dixon all the way
Teddy could go is totally BORING


i just love ivy thats it.... liam or no liam as long as shes there ill keep watching!!!!!!!!!


I really feel like this show is going to come out with huge surprises in 2010, yet I also feel it won't. I mean, who really is excited about Ade going lesbo?


We can't wait until the show resumes!! =)a lot of people here in the Philippines enjoy 90210! I hope Ivy stays with the cast longer.. i hope the good ratings continue so we can enjoy watching the show!!


oh also, im still kind of annoyed with adrianna for breaking up with navid just so she could be with teddy, even after navid stayed with her through the whole baby stage and all that... and then she expects navid to just forgive her and take her back just because teddy doesnt want her. that part really bugged me, so i want to see what happens with those two.


yeah i agree about the liam thing, the boat was kind of stupid. i was expecting something more..
but i think liam and naomi were really cute together (L) though i felt a bit bad for ivy when she was crying also, i think the way the left the ending as jasper telling annie he knew her secret was pretty interesting, because we didnt actually see how he feels about her killing his uncle, so it'll be interesting to see what he has to say about that, and if he's going to tell anyone. i liked it when naomi and annie were friends, and i hope they become friends again, because with silver as both their friends again, it'll be interesting. and i thought the teddy/silver/dixon thing was really interesting too, because usually dixon is always the good character who doesn't do anything wrong where silver is concerned, so once she finds out that he lied to her, it'll be interesting to see. i liked dixon and silver together in the first season, but now that teddy has come in, i kind of like them together now, since he knows how she feels about her mom, and he was so good with her mom when she was sick. im kind of hoping silver and teddy will get together again (L)


The tarp was a huge disappointment! I really thought he was going to make something for Naomi, whether it was a huge life size version of her or her prom dress or anything of that matter. That boat was pretty much pointless.


Naomi and liam deserve a second chance to be together and the writters need to give
them a fair go as a couple cos I have waited for so long as many others as well
They would stupid not to and they would lose a fan in me!
this season has been so much better:)
Can't wait for it to return
Naomi and liam foreverr
hate ivy!

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