Private Practice Review: "The Parent Trap," "Blowups"

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Private Practice aired back-to-back episodes last night, and while one primary story arc - involving Addison's parents - continued throughout, they were very different.

In the first hour, Sam and Naomi's parenting struggles actually brought them closer together, while in the second, Dell's world was turned upside down by Heather.

If you missed "The Parent Trap" and "Blowups," follow the link for our full recaps. Now, a look at the developments of each, and why they worked for us (or didn't):

PART I: Addison and Pete treat a 60-year-old pregnant woman with a 30-year-old husband and work hard to save their at-risk baby, which they do ... at least for now.

This case was a plot device to keep Addison and Pete close after Violet stunned them both by jumping into the sack with The Captain after meeting him for 12 seconds.

Rather than worrying about Pete's feelings, or Addison's (her dad is married), Violet is pretty psyched she had sex, overcoming deeply-rooted issues the attack caused.

While we try to be happy for Violet, this is quite upsetting at the same time, and Addison and Pete are both irate, particularly the latter, who says he's "done with her."

Addison loses it with her dad, who had just come around and seemed like a decent guy, too. She wants to know why he's so wonderful to all women but her and Bizzy.

But perhaps his cheating ways aren't all what they seem. The Captain calls Bizzy and tells her if she doesn't come out to L.A. and tell Addison the truth, he's going to.

Umm ... yeah. To be continued until 10 p.m.!

Mr. Addison

Addison's father, The Captain, slept with Violet. But his marriage isn't what it seems.

Meanwhile, Violet crosses the line on the professional front as well in this episode! She, Cooper, and Charlotte work to try to help a Jewish couple practice birth control.

Their faith prohibits it ... or at least their interpretation of it does. In the end, Violet convinces the wife to take birth control ... without implicitly saying it's birth control.

Violet says the woman is iron deficient and needs the pills for (undiagnosed) "anemia." Wink, wink. Was this unethical or savvy? Quite a morally ambiguous hour for V.

Our favorite part of the first hour was Sam and Naomi disagreeing over how to handle Maya. The teenager is making out with a guy named Dink and Naomi is irate.

Sam offers to take Maya for awhile and tries his Mr. Cool Dad approach. That doesn't work either, as Maya runs roughshod over him. Sam and Nae are both at a loss.

What really worked about it, though, was that instead of pointing fingers, or lamenting their respective failures, they made a pact to stay together and work harder.

Perhaps soon they'll work harder at something besides parenting, too.

PART II: As the second hour begins, we see that Dell and Heather are living together ... but not for long. Their house blows up and Heather is on the brink of death.

Betsey is unconscious and Heather's badly burned from the explosion. Dell's little girl is going to be fine, but her mom isn't. When Dell learns why the house blew up?

Let's just say he loses control and rightfully so. But going in and telling Heather - who was cooking meth at home - that he hopes she dies slowly and painfully? Wow.

Bitterness and guilt aside, Dell doesn't want Betsey's last memories of her mom to be a mangled mess. Pete tries to bring Betsey to Heather, and Dell lays him out!

In a moving scene, Pete says "he" forgives her as she slips away, so delirious from the pain meds that she thinks he's Dell and apologizes profusely for what she did.

Violet finally talks Dell into showing mercy, but Heather dies just as he comes to see her. Addison convinces Dell to tell Betsey the truth ... no matter how bad it hurts.

An Addison Shot

Addison learns a shocking secret about her mother.

Addison's drawing from personal experience there. She wishes she'd known ... that her mother's been having a lesbian affair with her assistant for the last 20 years!

She catches both women in a kiss after they arrive in L.A., and is so stunned that she can't face them, spending the episode holed up at Sam's. It's pathetic and sad.

Sam sends her family away so Addison can go back to being herself. In the end, Addison shows up at the airport to see them off, and can only make WASPy small talk.

We can't decide if we feel bad for Addison for being lied to all this time or whether she was being too mopey, especially considering the events Dell was dealing with.

Meanwhile, Charlotte and Cooper are still fighting about her lying (through omission) about being married more. She thinks she was protecting him by lying ... is she?

Is her not mentioning that she was married that big a deal? On the flip side, why wouldn't she mention it? Doesn't it become a bigger deal because she withheld it?

Cooper still hasn't let it go by the end, but perhaps Charlotte's passionate plea for forgiveness will give him a little bit of a nudge. Drop it, Coop. Time to let it go, dog.

Chris Lowell really shined in this two-part event, as did Taye Diggs, in our opinion. Not perfect Private Practice, but we were pretty invested in it throughout the night!

What did you think? Comment away and let us know!

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Bizzy, the Captain and Addy were amazing! Can't wait to see them back but I guess it's unlikely since their story got a kind of resolution to it.


Good episode but I am not sure trying to get Sam and Addison involved is a good thing. It could destroy her friendship with Naomi and they are just now working on mending their friendship and I do not think that it is time to disrupt it so soon. Sam, Naomi and Maya was a good spin on their parenting and how they deal with the issues presented. There isn't enough throughout the show that deals with the family aspect with this family and that was a good twist and would like to see more with boundaries, respect and trust within that family (maybe even push Naomi and Sam back together). Cooper might have some unresolved issues of is own that he hasn't dealt with and Charlotte's confession might have made those issues surface. Cooper needs to grow up because he is the lucky one to have a woman who wants to be with him and help support/take care of him. He better wise up before Charlotte walks. Pete and Violet need to resolve their issues. Okay, Violet slept with the Captain. It was good for her because he is so far removed from the events of what happened to her. It isn't as easy as it may seem to deal with such a terrible ordeal as Violet has been trying to deal with but this might have been the key to open her up to let the light shine in so that she can now work on herself. Pete will harbor bitter feelings for a while but he will get over them. He just needs to continue to be the best father he can be to Lucas. Dell needs to get over it. He should have known that he jeopardized Betsy's safety when he took Heather back. You live and learn but now he needs to be open and honest with Betsy about Heather and continue to be a good, loving father.


Cooper and Charlotte have always been the best part of the show for me. I hate that Cooper is treating her so cold. It really doesn't make sense for him to be making a huge deal out of this. Find out what happened with the marraige before you jump to conclusions Cooper! I hope these two can work things out because I love them as a couple.


Kate Walsh totally rocked this episode. Give this woman an Emmy now. She was fabulous in that car crash episode too. Pete's scene with Heather wasn't about Violet, it was about his first wife. She died with Pete not forgiving her, so he recognised Dell was about to do the same thing and he would regret it. Good on Pete for telling the skanky Violet he was done. She was a whore long before the attack and that gives her no right to a free pass to do whatever she whats hurting others in the process.


i hated the cooper/charlote stuff! i think they should break up for a while (not permanently), i would be good for them...


@Cynthia - check ABC Music Lounge for Private Practice. You probably can find it there!


who were the artists in parent trap ? Amazing and desperate to find out who sang that really cool song when sam was taking his daughter home!!!!! Please help me figure it out =)


Both episodes were awesome!


Well Ad accepted Callie recognising being attracted to women, so eventually I guess she wiil accept her mom's lesbian lover. But I am confused, is Ad's mum bisexual?


Yes! What is up with Cooper! Is he really not going to let that go? I mean, I'm with with Kara, that was in the past. No wonder Charlotte didn't want to tell him. This seems too petty, I feel like there is a larger reason, coming later, for why Cooper won't forgive Charlotte. Like the writers are trying to split them up for a while for a reason. I'm happy that Dell told Heather to die. I knew she was still using and she almost killed Betsey because of it. And she destroyed their home. Is Dell really going to stay with Naomi? Addison has a rough family. Growing up in that would be awful, it's a wonder she turned out okay. I felt sorry for her, she was so heartbroken...and lied to! Her parents are jerks, I don't care if they apologized. AND, I agree with Addison when she says the Captain took advantage of Violet. Speaking of Violet, I can't believe she slept with that guy. I mean, I guess I thought it was surprising too. (Like Kara) It was fascinating finally being able to hear something from Violet. I mean, it's always everyone else judging her, we never really get to hear how she is still trying to deal with what happened, and how it will haunt her, like that scar on her. It was nice being able to hear her side and fears, from her. That moment with Heather and Pete was touching. Obviously because the woman was dying, she's a mother and Dell wouldn't let Betsey see her. (With good reason)And it was heartbreaking to watch how upset Betsey was with Dell. Great episode for Chris Lowell. But that scene was also touching because it was also about Pete and how he still loves Violet and will still take her back. I was so happy to hear him say that, even after she slept with the Captain. Glad he loves her so much! @Paddisonluvr and Kara: The Mya story, both hilarious and well done! Audra and Taye did an awesome job with that. AND the girl that plays Mya. That was fun to watch. I hope there is more of that to come. Audra is so good. Addison and Sam....I'm not so sure about that. I mean, I can see them growing on me. I wouldn't mind seeing where they take that story. Sam is so sweet to Addison, and obviously there is something there, I think they could be good for each other. But...I'm still not sure. Maybe after I see some more "romantic-like" scenes with them. Overall, loved the episode! It was two hours of bliss! I honestly loved everything in the episode. Except how mean Cooper is being to Charlotte.

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