Two and a Half Men Preview: "Warning, it's Dirty"

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Christmas is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing... it's time for all the Holiday themed sitcoms!  This week we were already treated to a Christmas on Modern Family.

This upcoming Monday we'll be joining the Harper family as they celebrate Christmas in a way only Charlie and Alan can.  In traditional Two and a Half Men fashion, lots of odd balls will show up to the festival including a television producer, Marty Pepper played by Carl Reiner, brought to the festivites by Evelyn.

Our favorite member of the Two and a Half Men cast, Berta, will be attending as well, but not as a maid.  Berta will sit back and relax with Charlie while poor Alan does all the work.

Meanwhile, Jake's girlfriend, Celeste, will be going out of town for the holidays, and our favorite awkward teenager consults his Uncle Charlie for some advice on infidelity and we're guessing responsible for the episode's title, "Warning, it's Dirty." 

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Berta and Marty
Charlie and Berta Relax
Charlie Advises Jake
Evelyn and Marty
Traditional Christmas Dinner
The Guys in the Kitchen
Charlie Plays, Alan Sings
Evelyn and Berta Talk to Marty
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I meant body. Sorry!


Why was Berta hiding her boby with a pillow in every scene she was in?


I hadn't read anything about this in advance, so Carl Reiner was a nice surprise. He's 87 now--wow. Anyway, I've been quite fond of him since The Dick Van Dyke Show, so it's great to see him still working.


I'm excited for this episode. It's been a while since an official Christmasode of Two and a Half Men.

Two and a Half Men Quotes

Charlie: You're like an Alzheimer's patient in a whorehouse.
Alan: What do you mean?
Charlie: You're constantly surprised that you're getting screwed, and you don't want to pay for it

Alan: What's wrong with him?
Berta: Classic case of va-jay-jay fever.
Alan: Colorfully put. I'm just surprised to see Charlie fall for it.
Berta: Sooner or later all men fall for it. How do you think I got my condo in Palm Springs?
Alan: You have a condo in Palm Springs?
Berta: No, figure of speech. Don't try to stop by.