The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Psychic Vortex"

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After waiting over a month since we heard that Danica McKeller was going to guest star on The Big Bang Theory, we finally got to see grown up Winnie Cooper make her appearance last night as Raj's potential love interest.

After Raj bribed Sheldon into going to a university mixer as his wingman, the two by some miracle managed to hit it off with Abby (McKellar) and Martha (Jen Drohan) and somehow even bring them home for some Rock Band.

Raj, Sheldon Play Rock Band

The hilarious and only slightly unbelievably story line led to some hilarious moments including Sheldon's hulk impresions, his creepy smiling, declaration of scoring, and the more horrifying than hilarious walking away from a girl sitting on his bed.

That seems like the nail in the coffin for the Sheldon-Penny relationship some crazy fans seem to want.  We official declare Sheldon asexual after this episode and hope we never have to hear of that potential pairing again.

Meanwhile, Leonard and Wolowitz took their girlfriends on a double date and Leonard managed to get into an argument with Penny, when he discovered she believed in psychics.  Hence the episdode title, "The Psychic Vortex."  Leonard was slightly unchararistically jerky towards Penny, but man did it have us laughing.

While Leonard's story line wasn't nearly as entertaining as the mixer, it did lead to an interesting conversation between Wolowitz and Leonard at the lab, where Leonard seemed horrified that he'd have to give up all his beliefs just to continue sleeping with a consenual, attractive woman.  Sorry, buddy.

Overall we thought it was one of the best episodes of the season, even if Sheldon's move at the end had at us screaming at the television.  Now for some of our favorite The Big Bang Theory quotes from the episode:

Wolowitz: I once dated a girl who believed she was abducted by aliens.
Leonard: And that didn't bother you?
Wolowitz: Au contraire; it meant she was gullible and open to a little probing. | permalink
Raj: Come on, let's get a drink.
Sheldon: I don't drink.
Raj: Well I do, and when my wingman is carrying a Green Lantern lantern, I drink a lot. | permalink
Penny: Wow, that's all you got after you were the most obnoxious person on a double date that included Howard Wolowitz? | permalink
Sheldon: If outside is so good, why has mankind spent thousands of years trying to perfect inside? | permalink

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I'm thrilled that the writers have axed any possible Sheldon/Penny romance, I believe their relationship is beautiful just the way it is, anything more would make me shudder constantly. Though, I can honestly say I've looked at it from that point of view just to see what some people are going on about and while they have great comedic chemistry together I still shudder to think of them in a romantic relationship together, plus, I find them far too sibling like for that ever to happen. In terms of Leonard and Penny I find them a very relatable couple, and believe they work very nicely.


Oh I disagree! My Sheldon/Penny shipper put aside, I don't know why some people are not willing to give the pairing a chance. Do you think Leonard/Penny work? Nope, and this episode proved it once again. Sheldon is interested in science and he can't be in a relationship with someone he barely knows. Martha was into him but he wasn't. It doesn't mean he will be alone forever. Au contraire, the last episodes tried to show Sheldon in a sexual view: Leonard's mother then his comments on Flat Land.Characters need to grow and what you call "crazy fans" are fans of the show and we only think that it could be funny, challenging and new. Give them a chance, open your eyes to see their potential before pulling the "crazy" in the ground.


I totally agree with the two previous comments. I used to always worry about the writers listening to the S/P fans, and I almost couldn't enjoy the S/P scenes together because I was afraid of where it was going. Now I can relax and love their friendship again, since we know that is all it is going to be! Sheldon does not want or need a woman in that way-keep Shelly the way he is! This episode was amazing...not my favorite, but by no means a disappointment!


Im so glad the writers on the show are NOT listening to fans who want a sheldon penny relationship. THIS episode showed why sheldon is brilliant as he is. When was the last time you saw a character on a sitcom turn down women, kissy kissy games and all those things lesser mortels crave? Never thats when! Sheldon's comedic punch comes from the fact that he is so much higher in intellect than all the rest of the genuises combined and that typical human interactions do not interest him. You have Raj, Wolowizard and Leonard for that stuff--in Sheldon we have a rare opportunity to bounce jokes off him in situations that wouldnt happen with the others (would raj or wolowitz turn down a woman sitting on thier bed?) So it was FANTASTIC when Sheldon calmly took his lantern and let the girl take his room while he went to sleep in the other room.


Hi! Great episode. For me, it wasn't the best, it's well known that you like the character of Raj so this was a great episode (we had long time without hearing him more than a sentence!), but i think other episodes were better. Just my opinion ;) On the other hand, i don't understand why people want Sheldon-Penny relation, sheldon's great how he is! See you all!

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The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Raj: We'd just see what's what.
Sheldon: That's a semantically null sentence.

Raj: Good news guys, I got the four hour special edition of Watchmen.
Leonard: Got it.
Wolowitz: Seen it.
Sheldon: Detailed analysis posted online.