The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Bloodlines"

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Welcome, readers, to the latest edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table. It's been far too long, hasn't it?

The show returned to the air last night and answered a number of questions: why might Elena resemble Katherine? How did Stefan first meet her? Did Damon go to college?

As usual, we've reviewed the episode in depth and now we're back to analyze various developments. Reader feedback is encouraged on the topic below...

Were you surprised Elena helped save Damon's life?
M.L. House: Not considering the state she was in. This was a girl scorned and lied to by her boyfriend... immediately following her first sexual experience! She likely would have taken comfort in Spencer Pratt if the guy had offered her a shoulder to cry on at that point. Plus, Damon truly did seem to care about her emotions.

LJ Gibbs: No. Despite his murderous tendencies, he is Stefan's brother, and clearly he cares for him deep down. You can't just let the guy die. Plus he's just so charming, and not even in a misleading way this time. He and Elena were both trying to uncover bits of truth last night, and united in their effort.

The Barnacle: Yes. Silly girls and their "emotions." If Elena had stopped and thought rationally, she'd have realized just how many future lives will be saved if Damon is dead.


Will Jeremy discover the Salvatores' true identity?
M.L. House: He already has in some ways, but then Damon made him forget. I think Jeremy will start to unravel the clues about vampires in town one of these days, but he won't connect the Stefan/Damon dots for awhile.

LJ Gibbs: They've gotta give Jeremy something to do, so sure, have him piece together the clues while writing book reports. Cute!

The Barnacle: I think the better question is: will he tap that new piece known as Anna? (Sorry, too soon, Vicki fans?)

Has Stefan revealed everything he knows about Elena's past?
M.L. House: I doubt it. A girl whose life he saved looks identical to his long-deceased love... and he doesn't dig any deeper because it would raise suspicions? It may be because he kept his shirt on for the entire episode, but I sourced a bit on Stefan this week and am not sure how trustworthy he is right now.

LJ Gibbs: I'm gonna go ahead and say no here. He may not have bad intentions, and confessing what he did last night was obviously bold. But there's probably a lot more he knows that he feels he can't tell Elena right now out of fear for her safety - and his own.

The Barnacle: No. He's totally gonna use that sex tape against her during their next fight.

What is Alaric's end game?
M.L. House: He seemed to be sporting a ring like Damon and Stefan's. And we don't know for certain that Damon actually killed his wife. Hmmm... I say Alaric's wife was a vampire and is somehow buried in the same tomb as Katherine.

LJ Gibbs: Well, he doesn't appear to be a vampire ... or someone who hunts vampires. He seems to be keenly and increasingly aware of the strange things going on in Mystic Falls ... for reasons unknown. In short, I have no freaking clue. With all its unanswered questions and slowly-unraveling mystery, this show is becoming somewhat Lost-esque. I kind of hate it. And am already counting down the minutes until next week!

The Barnacle: To help his students brush up on their local and global history - and he'll kill any vampire that gets in the way of their education!

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I love the show and all the suspence but I wish it was like the book! I mean like come on Elena being adopted, I think that the show already has enough suprises. They make Damon much to mean, Stefan to nice and Elena not enough brave! The girls in the show need to do something brave because Damon and Stefan always saving the girls... get with it! Other than all that good actors I love Ian Somerhalder as Damon and Nina Dobrev as Elena, as an idea i think that Katharine comes back and out of the tomb and tries to kill Elena+ Elena slaps her in the face and her and Damon end up stabing her with a tooth pick( peice of wood, pencil or keep poking her with a stick and then be like " oops sorry I think I poked you to hard") I think that that would be a good end for Katherine. WARNING SPOILER ALERT ( MABEYE) They also need to finish off the part about Tyler being a werewolf. thats all.. loving the show keep up the good work!


I'm thinking that Alaric's wife is defo a vamp. He referred to looking for a creature for years and then finding one, and when he was speaking to her in the first bedroom scene he said something like she'd better stay in bed and probably wouldn't get up for several hours??? I think damon and her were probably ex lovers and that she left him for Alaric, also maybe she knows how to get into the tomb and that is why Alaric is in Mystic Falls he's trying to decipher what his wife told him before she died. There might also be the possibilty that she isn't dead and they're working together. Alaric seems to know about the wolves too, so maybe getting closer to the Gilberts will help him find out everything about the towns past. As for the whole Elena/Katherine thing I really don't get it . . . obviously Elena isn't Katherine's great granchild or whatever because Stefan and Damon woudn't both be in love with her, and Stefan knows too much to sleep with his potential great grandchild. What I don't get, couldn't Elena's mother be a Pierce? It's not that unpossible, but the adoption thing doesn't seem fully right. I'm pretty sure they'll discover that E is actually a Gilbert. The way Jenna seemed so shocked I almost thought that maybe she might be her mother, and that they had been trying to cover it up the whole time.
Another cool theorey is that maybe theres like doppelgangers of all the vampires in the tomb? Ones like Matt and Caroline, and maybe Bonnie is linked to Emily instead. That sounds a little crazy, it probably is!
So excited for next episode, but I hate the way characters are introduced and killed by the end of the episode. I like Bree and Lexi, it would have been cool if they'd sustained more than an episode before dying, so you can make an emotional link with the character. x


ok so im having a little forward thinking. tell me if u think im totally off the point.
so i think maybe Alaric's wife was a decendent from Katherine and maybe somehow related to Elena. That may be the reason why he is so interested in Jeremy and Jenna???
long shot i will admitt
what do u think??

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