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Pictured in this Vampire Diaries scene: Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy, Malese Jow as Anna.

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ohh yea i also believe they will be throwing a whearwolf in there as well. i cant remember what episode it was, but after vicki was killed as a vamp, her former boyfriend(whats his name? dark hair?) he was arguing with jeremy. anywho they showed a part where he was like really angry alomst how Jacob gets from twilight. and then they showed like a full moon behind him. and i havent seen him the episodes since so i do believe so it wount be as much like twilight they will be throwing some curve balls our way. im sure the werewolf will not be anything like they are in the twilight saga but WOW how interesting and great this show will be with humans, vamps, witches, and maybe werewolfs? gosh i cant wait to see what happenS!! ohh ya by the way you can hate on my comments all you want i love haters they make my world go round. so if you get on here and read this and then wanna hate on me for saying all this then your lamer then me for the fact tht you spent so much time to read this and then to take time out of your day to hate on me. so if yu do decide to hate on me let me just thanks you right now for your acknowledging me, its very flattering!!


I cant wait for the season to pick back up on air. I have been waiting forever like most of you. At the beginning of the season i didnt think i would get into like i have. I watch trueblood and i am a huge fan, and with this show i thought tht it was going to be like trueblood. i am also a huge fans of the books and 2 movies thus far of the twight saga. so with this show i felt it was all going to be the same and i thought them putting this show on air, was going along with all this same thing tht has been all over the internet, tvs,theaters,etc(like twilight) but when getting into the episodes i found tht it was very interesting throwing a witch in there! and its not like twilight at all even tho i have made some little simular things, it not the same it has a differnt vibe and all. My husband says im crazy lol but this is a good show and i hope when it returns for the rest of the season i hope tht people support this show and we can enjoy many more seasons as well. i mean it does help my time pass to watch this show while waiting on new twilight saga movies to air, cuz i can only read those boooks so much to where i now knw every word in the book, so this show is good for a change of pace. thanks for listening cayla

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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Damon: Elena's phone?
Stefan: Where is she?!?

Elena: This is kidnapping.
Damon: That's a little mellodramatic, don't you think?