Will Addison and Sam Couple Up on Private Practice?

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We were told things would be “heating up” between Addison and Sam on Private Practice, and last week's Grey's Anatomy crossover episode definitely delivered on that front.

Mark Sloan was the "additional complication" teased for the pair last week, as his (naked) appearance in L.A. made Sam jealous. But now that he's gone, is the path cleared?

Not even close. Pete has also been rumored to be back in the mix. Star Kate Walsh won't reveal much more than that, but does say this about the future of Addison and Sam:

“I love the dynamic between them,” she says. “I think it’s very natural that these two people who are close, who end up running a business together as well as living next door to each other and hanging out would want to explore a relationship.”

Sam and Addie

The dynamic between these two is an interesting one.

But, she observes, “there’s a huge, massive obstacle in the fact he used to be married to her best friend.” That's definitely a potential snag, but will it stop them? Should it?

We'd guess that whatever feelings might be there, Maya's bombshell dropped on her parents tonight (see sneak previews) will put romance on the back burner for now.

What do you think? Should Addison and Sam couple up?

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NO to Addison and Pete. I don't feel anything with them. I want Pete and Violet to reunite. I like Addison and Sam's chemistry. But if that doesn't work out, then bring Addison a new long-term man just right for her.


I really like Addie and Sam together! I think they are really HOT! I would like to see Addie happy again and they are good together and Naomi cannot claim HIM! they broke up and are done and they have both dated other people since then. Also lets not forget that Naomi was sleeping with Addie's brother Archer!!! I dunno, if their friendship is strong enough, they should be fine and if Naomi knew how good of a friend Addie has been!!?!?!? Who in their right mind would say no to Taye Diggs??????


Yeah, I can't help but think Sam and Addie will not work out. He still cares too much about Naomi. Though, I wouldn't mind Sam and Addison. And Pete, his heart is with Violet. I also can't help but think they will end up together. And they should. They have a baby and have way too much chemistry. Addison totally needs a great new doctor to date. She deserves a great new guy


First of all, Pete is history in Addison's life. He is raising his son and needs to get back with Violet so they can be a family. Sam and Addison......BAD IDEA! Addison doesn't need to have a relationship with her best friend's husband. Give me a break! That will cause some serious tension between her and Naomi. Addison needs a new man and Sam needs a new woman!


I like her with Sam! I say either Sam or bring in a new McHottie!


Oh give me a break. Pete? Really? Let's move past that. I am over that one. That ship has sailed. I think I might scream if they go down that road again. Addison needs a really great guy. A new really awesome doctor that will love just her. I have to agree with Rachel, I think part of Pete's heart, or even all of it, will stay with Violet. Addison deserves better. Someone that will love only her! And if that guy is Sam, so be it.


Yeah, I agree. Definitely not Addie and Pete that was so over season one. I kind of like her with Sam, but I can't help but think he'll end up with naomi. Yes, bring in a new guy for Addison! A hot new surgeon!


Please no! No Addison Pete. That is so dead. And Violet will always be in the picture. I agree, bring in a great new permanent guy for Addison.


Either they bring in a new guy or Pete. That's it. Sam and Addie are better off as friends. Come on! Naomi is her best friend. She'll be on her bad side if she'll be with Sam. That's too complicated and if that happens, you cannot repair that kind of damage to a friendship. With what's happening with Maya now, Addie and Sam should never take it to next level. Naomi would go insane.

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