American Idol Review: Casey James is Hot!!!

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A few notes from the first night of live performances for the men on American Idol:

  • The show needs to ditch the "joke" that Kara has a crush on Casey James. It led to Ryan's funniest line ever (regarding the HR meeting), but it's far more creepy and inappropriate than funny.
  • If the judges didn't like Tyler Grady's 1970s gimmick (and neither do we), why did they select him? We had the same reaction the night before when the panel critiqued the quiet, acoustic-based women for playing songs true to who they were.
  • Tim Urban? Sorry, man. But... ouch. Our eardrums are still hurting.
  • Another question for the judges: Do you want contestants to mix up a song or don't you? Yes, Todrick Hall went to the extreme last night, but give the guy credit for trying.
Casey James

Still, complaints about the judging panel aside, the simple fact is that few men stood out last night.

It's still early, and many need to work out their nerves, but no front-runner has emerged from the male or female side yet. Should make for an interesting season.

Read about our five favorite men from last night right now and then chime in: Who did you like the best?


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CASEY JAMES...hands down! He's got that bluesy rock style, soothing, melodic voice, sexy cowboy blue jeans and boots, and that gorgeous blond hair. He's got the talent and the image. It's okay if he didn't win. He already got all the exposure he needed and now the media is all over him. He's a knockout...perfect in every way.


Same for me. He is the winner all the way.I think he has what it takes once he picks the right songs for the rest of the week. Wish him the best. Same for Crystal


Casey James is the man. He got star qualities that compared to the qualities of other contestants. Although some of them are talented but Casey James is the total package that you'll be looking for as an artist. Only him caught my attention this Season.


Casey James, if he watches some Elvis videos and starts to do what Usher does with the audience and continues to loosen up, will be hard to beat. Lee has a great voice but he is like me–too introverted!! Maybe he’ll break out. The rest… Crystal I like but she doesn’t attract me. After all, this is American IDOL. Casey has idol star qualities and, let’s face it, when you’re on a stage, physical presence and presentation is part of it. Casey, like Jason Castro, has a rare sweetness and beauty that people will pay to catch a glimpse of and, though he, as yet, doesn’t feel the emotion of the song lyrics as well as Castro, I think he is close. You can see him sometimes tearing up and the joy he expresses to be playing music is also beautiful to behold.


i've known this young man for a long time and believe me when i tell you that you haven't seen nothing yet.


Just a bit more....I'd like to see him really "stretch" his performance next week and turn it up by surprising everyone. Either way, whether Casey wins or not I think he'll get a "gig" as an actor or in some way a recording contract. He's half way there already. I'll watch with interest.


I thought Casey's clever intro into his song where he said he was "flattered" at Kara's attention as she was a star and he was "just a dude" showed that he is not arrogant but a nice guy. Then he said "who knows I might just sing to Kara". Then he walked out and sat on the stool. Good song choice, great rendition, good attempt at maintaing focus with the judges at their table carrying on and I hope he wins. Oh, and by the way, did you notice he is pretty good looking LOL??


Oh yes, Casey James! I watched Tuesday and a couple of the women were ok but nothing really stood out for me. I watched the men Wednesday and was really, really bored. I think they were all pretty bad! And then Casey came out and WOW!!!!! I've played his performance over and over. What a voice. Love the little quiver in his tone. Excellent. I'll watch just to see how good he's going to get with more experience. I hope some of the others step up their game a little too to keep it interesting. Also, Casey remindes me of a lot better looking Bucky Covington. He also sings better than Bucky. Sorry Bucky.


Well, David Archuleta had me hooked from the moment he stepped on the stage, & he still has me hooked to this day. He owned the stage with this ability to draw me in, and a fierceness that said, "I love what I'm doing, and I am here to stay." That's what I feel is missing from this group, Aaron Kelly included. It's not that they aren't talented, but they've done nothing to show me they know how to connect with a crowd, or that they have the confidence & passion to start or maintain a career. Lee and Andrew, to me, are the exceptions. Lee said he wanted to be onstage forever, so I think he'll do what he needs to make his dream come true. I voted for Lee. Otherwise, this season so far is "just alright for me."


I totally agree with Robin - CASEY JAMES IS IT!!! Kara is right - he's "eye candy" AND "ear candy"!!