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It's safe to say there's no clear cut American Idol favorite, isn't it? A night after no woman stole the show, the men took to the stage.

And while a couple listed below got our attention, none leaped to the front of the pack. Should make for an interesting season. Below, we run down the top five performances from the guys' first night taking the live stage...

  1. Casey Jones: The show REALLY needs to stop referencing Kara's crush on him. It's more awkward than funny. But he put on a great version of "Heaven," a Bryan Adams classic.
  2. Andrew Garcia: Was it as good as his Hollywood rendition of "Straight Up? No. But get over that judges. This guy has major talent.
  3. Todrick Hall: We're likely alone in this assessment. But on the first night of live performances, we'll reward someone that took a major risk.
  4. Lee DeWyze: More process of elimination here than anything else. He was decent on "Chasing Cars," but only top-five worthy due to lack of impressive performance.
  5. John Park: Ditto for Park. His Shania Twain lovefest made us love this contestant.

We know it's early, but the guys really must step of their game. Who was your favorite on the evening?

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CASEY JAMES...hands down! He's got that bluesy rock style, soothing, melodic voice, sexy cowboy blue jeans and boots, and that gorgeous blond hair. He's got the talent and the image. It's okay if he didn't win. He already got all the exposure he needed and now the media is all over him. He's a knockout...perfect in every way.


casey james good singar


I am a vocal coach, so I post from that perspective.
Casey was by FAR the standout - I agree. Best of all - we ain't seen nothin' yet! He has much more in his arsenal...such as a grittier, stronger, Gregg-Allman-reminiscent blues vocals plus mad lead guitar skillz which will be revealed. And he is completely comfortable up there...a very natural talent.
I do think little Aaron has a LOT of potential. He sings from his heart and has a sweet tone. Serious talent.
Andrew Garcia is clearly talented. Pure, heartfelt tenor.
Todrick is interesting and I hope will be around for a while. He is not boring!


Casey James...LOVE HIM; he is the total package. Regardless of what happens with his run on Idol, I cannot wait to get a CD of him.


1.andrew garcia 2.casey 3.lee


i think that aaron and lee and casey all did a good job they are my top 3 favortie guys on here.