Leslie Hope to Reprise Role on The Mentalist

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Leslie Hope is returning to The Mentalist.

It didn't take someone with psychic powers last season to notice the connection between Patrick Jane and Hope's character of Kristina. Producer Bruno Heller says this romantic tension will be even more overt on the season's final two episodes.

“Jane tries to prove once and for all that she is a charlatan,” Heller told Entertainment Weekly. “At the same time, [he finds] himself strangely attracted to her.”

Patrick and Kristina

Said Hope, who broke out on 24 as Jack's wife, when asked if that attraction could result in a full-fledged romance?

“All [the producers] told me was they had some fun stuff for me to do. I don’t know what their version of ‘fun’ is, but I’m hoping it involves Simon and not wrestling a barracuda in a tank."

There's a chance Hope could be brought on as a recurring character next season, but that depends on what transpires with Tangled, the Canadian-produced pilot she recently shot.

Think she'd make a good cast addition?

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I was very interested in all "The Mentalist" episodes but I watch yhem just for one time. In some episodes I have seen horrible mistakes of produces and scenarists. In s02e08: the Bosco's killer was murdered by poison. And that's it. No investigation. No autopsy. I KNOW that from autopsy it could be clear that poisoon it was and how quickly it works... And EUREKA! But not... Creators didn't (want to) think.
The second horrible mistake was done in s02e16. If there is a sign of biohazard (A VERY dangerous virus !), so there must be a laboratory with special equipment such as in BSL. But not. I don't talk about the horrible performance...
The last misunderstanding is a psychic in the police investiggation. It IS stupid. I'm not a policewoman, but I know that crimes are investigating by facts, not by invoking spirits...
P.S.Some words to creators: don't manipulate people who thinks Jane and Lisbon will bw together. They are FANS. It MEANS people who make your TV show bankable. The least thing you can do is to make them hapy.


I totally agree with your point of view leadcharchatersdate. For the series interest it will be much better the Jane-Frye tension than trying to develop a love plot between Jane and Lisbon. patrick sees Lisbon more like a little sister that he can joke around and mess with her. The way the Lisbon character is portayed by the actress comes as a tomboy like, throuhg her manners, the way she moves and walks. Jane would look and feel attracted to a more sophisticated and feminine woman. That is my opinion, again.


why is it that on TV two leading characters male and female have to date? do people always date people they work with? can they develop a great friendship instead of compliacted office romance? The idea of Patrick jane meeting his intellectual match and being attracted to her while wanting to denounce her as charlatan is great... we see something about him that we don't see much, Jane not being that sure of himself... like @ the dinner in ep 2.23 he is nervous about how the date is goin, he almost removed his wedding ring... and everytime he has to say goodbye to that lady he is nervous like you know he wants to ask her out and he still hesitate etc... he gets him out of his comfort zone and it's great to see... with Lizbon there is nothin she says or do that catch him off guard... while she can....


JISBON ALL THE WAY. I will literally cry if this Kristinia chick tries to come in between them because they are sooo obviously going to end up together!


Hi from Spain to everybody who visits this post, I would bet anything and everything that Kristina Frye is Red John. Leslie Hope probably still has not idea that is "the fun" the producers were telling her about. If I were a screenwriter for this fantastic producction, would have chosen this road. Kristina will become a recurring character, maybe working together with Jane in some crimes. She problably will solve and lead the team better than Jane. That will certainly impress everyone, give her credibility. Patrick will be exceptical because he sees himself reflected in her, basically they use the same techniques to manipulate people. All this closeness will also help to create that sexual tension always needed in a tv show. Then our attention will be put on any new character that makes us think he is Red John for sure. Then after one season with this, the producers will decide to let us see, who Red John really is. "HE is many,... SHE is ONE." Maybe it is too,too,too much obvious, but I believe Kristine has all the character background to play this role. And it would be the cruelest thing to tell Jane at the final and crucial moment when it all comes to and end, that what she told him about his daughter at the end of the "Seeing Red" episode, that she lied to him, and that his daughter was awake during the killings. I hope to be proven wrong about all I said, it would make watching the show more entertaining and exciting for me truly. It happens to me with all series and movies. It's a bitter-sweet feeling, I hate guessing the outcome but part of me enjoys being able to get all the plot clues given by the creators. Love the Mentalist, love the characters... to the writers: please do not kill any of the main characters, it's not necessary, :)


Simon Baker has already mentioned in an interview that his relationship with Lisbon is to remain such as one has for a sister. She has said that he is like a precocious child and she is like a doting parent who allows his mischief. There will never be a spark there, however, bring back Sophie or Brooke who are intellectually more suited and only after the wedding band is off.Don't expect it however since Red John will probable never be caught, this is what drives the show after all.


No!! I do not want a romantic relationship between Jane and Kristina Frye! I agree with Coraline--it has to be Jane and Lisbon in the end. I just can't fathom Jane having a relationship with someone else. Plus, at this point, I think one of the things that defines his character is his inability to move on from the death of his wife. Please no relationship with Kristina Frye!!


As a small dose of antagonistic pepper to spice up the show, maybe... but not as a serious romantic interest. Bonus points if Red John thinks there's a love connection and kills her off permanently. I didn't care for her character at all. I saw more of a flirtatious spark with the character Brooke Harper, and more of an emotional spark with Sophie the psychiatrist, so a hookup between Patrick and Kristina would just be "ew, yuck". I think endgame has to be Patrick Jane with Lisbon. They've got the best chemistry, and in more than just a superficial way.

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