Rena Sofer to Recur, Date Booth on Bones

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At this point, it might soon be easier to list the show on which Rena Sofer has NOT guest-starred.

The beautiful actress has appeared on episodes of 24, Heroes, Ghost Whisperer, Two and a Half Men and is currently recurring on NCIS as a foil for Mark Harmon's Gibbs.

And now she's signed on to appear semi-regularly on Bones.

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The former General Hospital star will portray marine biologist Dr. Catherine Klein, reports Michael Ausiello. The character works with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and gets called into the Jeffersonian after finding human remains inside a tiger shark.

We're sorry to break the hearts of viewers, but romantic sparks are likely to fly between her and Booth.

Does this lower the odds of him and Brennan getting married to close the season? Sadly, it just might.

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True, they say that Klein will be on one episode but key words in the article "she's signed on to appear semi-regularly."


ewww, she has nothing on Bren true-love never
Bren & Booth all the way x


How ad was the 100th episode. I cant believe that Booth is going to give up that easily on bones. After everything they have been through he knows how she is and just like that he made a decsion that he needs to find someone else to love him? well Blah last nights episode broke my heart.


I love BB but i also love it when either Bonse or Booth have a love intreast, because they get jealuose....Remeber when Sully was in? Booth was like grr stay away and i loved it!!! i hope that happens with Bones!


A new love interest for Booth... finally!
Sorry. I am the BIGGEST B&B fan out there (don't get my pic and name wrong about me. Their one of my many ships.) It'll shake things up between them and Brennan finally realizes that she's in love with Booth... =D And I'm glad she's only gonna be on here for ONE episode. And I can't wait to see what happened on their (Booth and Brennan) FIRST case.
Oh @heart282
MEH TOO! I'm a hopeless romantic but I sought comfort in the cute couples on TV... also the ones that need to see the light. :D


im like crying!!! booth shouldnt get a new love intrest cos that wood ruin the whole story line that they have been playing out for us and i think that i wood die!!! i really do hope that that wood make her jelous so that she actually relises she totally is in love with booth


Hope she does a better job than she did on NCIS - that one was probably the script and the directing, but still. Not exactly looking forward to it.


would it be a bad thing if i said my eyes were tearing up?? i'm really not happy about a love interest with booth that is NOT bones....but maybe bones will get jealous or mad or something and realize that she loves him?? ya, i am one of those hopeless romantic types....


So sad!!!! :-( Maybe that will make Brennan jealous though.

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