The Deep End Music from "An Innocent Man"

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While it seems unlikely that The Deep End will be renewed for a second season, it still aired a new episode this week.

Titled "An Innocent Man," the installment dealt with Dylan and Liam's belief that their client was not guilty. The following singles were played during it, all of which you can review in our The Deep End music section.

  • Kate Nash - "You'll Never Listen To Me"
  • Megan Joy - "Boy Next Door"
  • Olivia Broadfiled - "Holding Onto You" Olivia Broadfield - Eyes Wide Open - Holding Onto You
  • Ben Lindvall - "Rhodes Chop #2"
  • Daniel Merriweather - "Red" Daniel Merriweather - Red - Single - Red
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone tell me the music at the end of the show where the son & father reunite????


Why are they canceling this show? I LOVE IT!!! I get the fact that they don't share their entire lives with u., YET. You need to get to know someone over time, not have them tell you their life's story in just a few episodes.


You seem to be missing the song played near the end, where the father and son reunite after he's released from jail. I can't find it anywhere. Thanks!


The Deep End Quotes

Sometimes I think I married myself one grade A bitch.


Leave, before I set you on fire.


The Deep End Music

  Song Artist
Boom 1 Boom Anjulie iTunes
Stuck to you Stuck To You Nikka Costa iTunes
Head straight Head Straight Alex Metric iTunes