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We're pleased to announce that Gossip Girl Insider has merged with its parent site, and invite you to join us at our new home for the same great content!

Our new location: TVFanatic.com.

TV Fanatic is the #1 source for Gossip Girl and 100-plus other shows you know and love. The Internet's most comprehensive TV site is at your disposal!

All the tools, features and writers you enjoy on Gossip Girl Insider have moved, but are exactly as you're accustomed to, on a new, improved interface.

Your user names and passwords will stay the same, as will the structure of our content. Use these quick links for accessing all things Gossip Girl at TVF:

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Please update your bookmarks and join us at our new home!

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Hey guys, caption contest is still on Fridays and we'll be sure and leave you with one before the day is up. That said, I've migrated over the old caption contests and round tables! Also, can anyone verify all their private messages migrated?


...And the Caption contest is still in Fridays? because i checked and i don't see it on Tv Fanatic. Now is in other day?


@LovelyLively: Ohh i get it! i'm sorry, I just wanted to know that. Thanks for explain me! What makes easier for you it's ok for me! Lol :) thanks GGI for all.


I am happy with the move I didn't know the sites for the other shows existed, now I can keep up with Gossip Girl,90210 and Lost. =:) =:)


@Tantilimeest: It allows us to consolidate our efforts each day. It's a lot easier to update one site with new tools and features than test them out on multiple sites.
We also think fans will eventually embrace this change because they can get all the same Gossip Girl content at TV Fanatic, and then click one link to read about other shows they like. There's no drawback (same exact GGInsider content) and many advantages (other shows at your fingertips).


LovelLively: what are the benefits of that move?‬ I don't get it..


NOTE TO ALL READERS: TV Fanatic is written - and owned - by the same people as GossipGirlInsider. To wit:
M.L. House = DANdy
LJ Gibbs = LovelyLively
The Barnacle = Gossip Guy We just want to emphasize that the tone and creativity of the Gossip Girl content won't change. It will be penned by all of us that you know and love :)


I can read my private messages on the other site as well. All of them are there :)


@Audrey - Please try to log in again. Your account should be fixed and all comments / posts saved!


Hey guys, we're going to work on font issues also, but can everyone confirm that their private messages have been moved?


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